Overview of Temporary Auto Insurance

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There are many instances when an individual may find themselves in need of temporary auto insurance.
The most common use for this type of insurance is when a group of individuals are making a trip using a single automobile.
When a group of friends decides to take a holiday or long car excursion they often will be trading driving duties.
While the individual who owns the vehicle may have established insurance, the level of insurance that the other drivers have may not cover the party in the event of an accident.
By getting temporary auto insurance all members of the driving party are insured for the vehicle that is being used.
If there is an accident it will not affect any individual's established policy or premiums.
This can be very important if a person is paying a premium on a newly established policy that can be significantly increased if an accident occurs.
Temporary auto insurance can be attained for as little as one day or as long as twenty-eight days.
The insurance can be written to provide all of the same benefits that one would receive from an established policy.
One of the types of coverage that one would want to include when on a road trip is roadside assistance.
This coverage is very helpful if the car becomes disabled during the driving trip.
When a group of individuals are covered by temporary auto insurance and have roadside assistance the insurance will usually cover an overnight stay for every person on the policy.
This can save a group a substantial amount of money if there is a mishap and everyone must stay in a hotel for the night while the car is being repaired.
Roadside assistance coverage offer also covers a loaner vehicle if the car cannot be repaired.
By having this coverage a trip does not have to end early because there is no vehicle.
The loaner vehicle can be used to finish the trip and the car can be picked up on the return trip home.
Many individuals also use temporary auto insurance for classic show cars that are only removed from their storage areas once or twice a year.
These cars are not driven during the rest of the year and remain in a locked area where they cannot be damaged or broken in to.
By using temporary auto insurance for the days when they are taken to a car show an owner can save money by not having to purchase long term insurance that will go unused for most of the year.

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