White Gold Jewelry, the Perfect Choice

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Before I tell you the reason why white gold jewelry is the perfect choice, you should know first how to make white gold jewelry.

There is no pure white gold. White gold is a mixture of gold with at least one white metal such as silver, nickel or palladium plus it’s replated with rhodium to enhance its white color. The main reason why gold must be mixed with other metals is to make gold harder so it won’t bent so easily and maintain their shape. In this case also to make gold looks white.

14 parts of gold plus 10 parts other metal will create 14K gold, while 18 parts of gold plus 6 parts other metal will create 18K gold. Gold if it’s mixture with nickel will create hard white gold, but because it has brittle characteristic it’s not a wise choice to use it as a gem settings. Plus some people reported they have allergic reaction with nickel. For these reasons, gold that mixed with palladium is a better choice.

If your white gold jewelry starts to change color after some period of time and constant use, don’t you worry, you can replated again with rhodium. Just bring your jewelry to the jeweler; they’ll know what to do.

More and more people choose white gold jewelry than yellow gold jewelry, because it looks fresher and modern but also neutral. White gold jewelry can match with any colors, whether the color of your skin, your clothes, your hair, your shoes, your purse, anything. White gold jewelry also can match with your outfit. You can wear t-shirt and jeans with white gold jewelry and it still looks good.

Platinum Jewelry Vs White Gold Jewelry. Platinum jewelry is more durable and more pure than white gold jewelry. So why don’t we buy platinum jewelry instead of white gold jewelry? Because the price is much higher than white gold jewelry. Yes we can save money to buy platinum jewelry, but I think it’s not necessary.

I give you an example: if you are saving your two month salary to buy platinum jewelry, and you wear same jewelry in every occasion, isn’t it boring? If you buy white gold jewelry, you can have at least two different jewelries than one platinum jewelry with the same price. So you have more jewelry collections thus you have bigger selections to mix and match with your outfit and occasion.

White gold jewelry is a perfect choice because it looks bright, shine, fresh and modern with an affordable price.

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