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Thinking about ways to help when your kids are in school and need homework help? Arm yourself with helpful places for them to go online if those history lessons or algebra assignments prove to be too challenging -- even for you. Check out some of Common Sense Media's favorite online homework tools.

It is important to realize that the difference in behavior between an honest, diligent student and one looking for a free ride is not found in the environment, but within the student. In other words, put an honest and dishonest student into the same environment where cheating is possible without repercussions of any kind, and the two students will distinguish themselves by the difference in their behavior. The honest student will simply ignore the opportunity, the dishonest one will partner with it.

If your students need quick reference resources, steer them to these. offers an unbelievable wealth of information. Believe it! Here, students will find a huge assortment of reference material gleaned from newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and more than 260 search engines. If students have time to visit only one reference site, recommend this one. Because it provides such depth, it is probably best suited for older students. 's online version of their CD-ROM Encarta Homework also provides students information on a truckload of topics. Included are study tips, a writers' workshop, and even a talking dictionary.

StudyWeb sites, now available only by subscription, link students of all ages to dictionaries, thesauri, calculators, currency converters, phone books, maps, and more. This site includes tons of downloadable and printable images.

Among the other great general resources out there, the AOL@school site, screened for quality, also sorts Web links by grade level. Fact Monster, Schoolwork.Ugh!, and the children's section of the America's Story, a Library of Congress Web site, are other fine resources Homework Spot offers kids aid in different subject areas; it even takes them on virtual field trips!

Other excellent gateways to links appropriate for elementary and middle school students include! and With no distracting commercials, these sites link quickly to some of the best cyber resources available. The sites include information on just about every subject from aardvark to zebra!

Working successfully with our children on schoolwork requires respect, and respect begins with understanding. If a child struggles with and/or resists homework, ask yourself, "why?" As you discover the reasons, share them with your child so he or she better understands the issues. Doing so takes the mystery out of struggles or frustrations. Pediatrician Mel Levine calls this "demystification," which he describes as eliminating mystery by explaining the child's strengths and weaknesses and guiding him to develop more accurate personal insight.

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