Is dropping a year for IITJEE a good exam strategy?

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When we talk of being passionate about something, most of the times it refers to either some career objectives or desires. But in India, the Indian Institute of Technology has revolutionised the entire concept of being passionate among the students. For students having interest in science subjects and aiming to do engineering, IITs are nowhere less than a pilgrimage. Though IITs offer range of several other educational courses, but the undergraduate programmes of IITs are considered to be the best among all other institutes in India. It is like a dream destination for them, a place with which that particular student's entire career is related. The desire of having an IITian at home is not less even among parents. The standard education provided by IITs is definitely a major reason behind its immense popularity. But there are several other reasons because of which students direly wish to be in these institutes. Students often wish to be in IIT to establish himself/herself as a successful persona in the society, as because IITs provide enough of exposure to its students. Furthermore, immense of fame is associated with these institutes. It often so happens, that whenever we get to know that the person sitting next to us is an IITian, automatically we develop a sort of respect for that person. The thing that strikes our mind first is that the person must be immensely intelligent and that is why is in IIT. That complexity associated with getting into IITs is known to one and all.

Every year the body of sixteen IITs spread all across India, conducts an all India level entrance examination to select the deserving candidates, who are thereafter provided with the opportunity to study in IITs. The matter of astonishment is that, the number of candidates for this exam is about 14-15 lakhs. The students from not only India but round the globe appears for this national level test. However, foreign candidates are entitled to avail only 10 percent of the total seats in IITs. The number of applicants clarifies the craze for IIT. But not everyone is provided with the opportunity to study in IIT. For getting the opportunity, a student firs needs to prove his calibre. He needs to excel in the entrance test called IITJEE. Making the cut to IITs is however very sturdy. Firstly because the questions asked are tricked to check a student's understanding potential in limited time domain and secondly because of the very less number of seats in the IITs. Thus, for making it into IITs, just being good will not do rather a student needs to be better than others.

People often develop a misconception that for cracking IITJEE, knowing each and everything about the subjects is important. It is definitely necessary to know the things involved but for clearing IITJEE, it is even more important to concentrate on the portions which are considered to be vital in the entire syllabus. Students often find themselves incapable for dealing with the studies of IITJEE and thereby turn up to coaching centres. Over years, coaching classes have proved themselves to be the most relied upon source of guidance for IITJEE. Today, India has several eminent coaching firms which prepare students for the exam of IITJEE. Kshitij Education India is one of the very reputed IITJEE coaching institutes. They also offer online IIT coaching to students. Coaching centres do teach the subject matters, but most importantly they give the key guidelines one must follow to crack the exam. The guidelines consist of several problem solving and time management tricks. Managing time is one the prime which decides a student's success in JEE.

However, many a times it so happens that students fail to make it into IITs due to certain mistakes committed either during the preparatory period or in the exam itself. What comes up in their mind next is whether to drop for a year and prepare again or to move on compromising taking admission somewhere else.  The choice totally depends on the candidate, if he thinks he is capable of working hard for one more year then dropping can be beneficial. But for students who lack confidence at the very beginning should definitely consider some other pathway. A dropout candidate also needs to be very serious about his objective as dropping a year he is left with the last chance of proving himself. Dropping for a year requires undaunted determination and hard work. Droppers can avail the online IIT coaching to save time in the preparatory period and can thereby attain success in IITJEE.

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