Prospects Earned After Completing Automobile Engineering

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Automobile engineering offers many lucrative job careers to the young and budding engineers. The world of engineering is relatively huge and it constitutes several disciplines. Automobile engineering offers good scope of growth and development to the prospective engineering students. Considering the socio-economic dynamics of India, this field of engineering has potential of earning. Mechanical engineering also offers career opportunities not only in India but also abroad. Seeing the fact that automobiles are designed with integrated electronic circuitry, the role and scope of an Automobile technocrat is undergoing massive changes. These days, the engineer has to be a complete technocrat with knowledge of electronics included in the course module.

There has been increasing demand for the cars. LMVs and HMVs. Talk of the Sedans, or MPVs, or SUVs, these are the gifts of Automobile engineering. The exponential rise of hi-tech and hybrid cars have created furor in the automobile market. Foreign car manufacturing companies like Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW are increasing their market share in India and ask for creative, intellectual automobile technocrats. Since India is ranked among the largest democracies in the world, she has the vast potential for cars, LMVs, tanks and trucks. Seeing the latest dynamics, automobile sector in India is growing at an unabated rate, and the need for young engineers is always felt.

Mechanical engineering is an interesting branch of Mechanical engineering. This field of engineering always had better growing prospects. The confederation of Indian Industry has envisaged that over the next two decades the demand for Engineers in India is bound to increase, and the engineering is topping the list. The shortage has also been felt as the result of the large scale drain of the engineers to the western countries.

Among the many prime responsibilities of an Automobile technocrat, maintenance of high standard of vehicle is always the top priority. Being the technocrat, he will incorporate many state of the art technologies to keep everything maintained. Other objective roles of automobile engineer include:

€ Design engineering
€ Checking the performance and efficiency of engine chassis
€ Fuel and transmission emissions
€ Ensuring optimum performance to various parts of automobile
€ Innovating on the design aspects
€ Working on the electronics and communication devices
€ Supervision

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