Culinary Camps For Kids…Cookin' Up A Great Way To Spend Summer Vacation!

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Some of my fondest memories as a young girl were spent hanging out in the kitchen with my Grandmother. Grandma Mabel loved to cook and bake…and I grew up loving it right alongside her. From homemade pies, cookies, and breads, to soups, casseroles, and breakfast feasts, her kitchen was a place of fun, comfort, and warmth that any young girl or boy would have loved to grow up in. Somewhere along the way, we have lost that warmth with the current generation of children.

A time of IPODs and internet has replaced hanging out with Mom, Dad, or Grandma in the kitchen and sharing and socializing over homemade meals passed down from one generation to the next. I have found that fewer and fewer kids actually spend time learning how to cook and bake, but recently my quest to share my love of cooking and baking with my own children has led me to discover that there are opportunities at several summer camps for kids that have brought those ideals back…culinary camps. After researching various summer programs for my two children, I was so excited to realize that there are now a variety of culinary camps designed specifically for kids.

Traditionally, most summer camps for kids involve sports, crafts, or other typical camp programs, yet finding great culinary camps for your child can be like finding a porthole back to Grandma's kitchen. Kids can learn everything from basic cooking techniques to advanced skills. Most camps will revolve around a theme and involve a week-long program. If your child is into baking, why not sign up for a course of decadent dessert-making techniques or creative cake design. Others may prefer to study a variety of both sweet and savory recipes with lessons involving tastes from a variety of cultures, such as Italian, Mexican, French, American, and more.

With summer vacation fast approaching and a need to find fun, yet enriching, summer camps for kids that help beat the summer-time boredom blues, finding a great summer cooking camp can be a great alternative to the traditional summer day camp. I have found that a quality cooking camp designed specifically for kids can be somewhat difficult to find, but with a little research and suggestions from friends, family, and neighbors, you will find that several programs do exist that provide both a fun and challenging combination of childhood favorites and a venture into the world of culinary arts. Cooking camps for kids are a great way to bring a little bit of times past back to the ways of today…and I think Grandma would have been proud.

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