Reusable Shopping Bags Come of Age

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I make many trips to the supermarket and have noticed the gentle shift towards reusable bags, or biodegradable bags.
But my problem is that many of these are not practical, typically buying a 'bag for life', which for me should be called 'leaving it in the car' bag.
So I end up stumping up more cash on the next visit.
There are a multitude of reusable shopping bags, varying from cotton bags that are quite small in capacity, to very strong plastic bags.
Both have the problem of where to put them so they are handy for the next trip, and another issue is how to fold them so that you can get a number of them into a reasonable sized space.
Looking at a typical supermarket shopper, the number of bags vary from 1-8 depending on whether it is an individual shopper or the family stocking up.
Some supermarkets are taking the initiative and handing out eco-bags for free or at a discounted price, but this still does not resolve the practical aspects of how to get your shopping home.
There are now a new breed of Reusable Shopping Bags that are more practical than Jute Bags.
The design concept is quite neat, addressing the need for style, compactness and robustness by making them out of ripstop nylon.
Using Reusable Shopping Bags, that are made from nylon means they will last longer, hence have a smaller carbon footprint than many Jute Bags, that still have to be shipped from far away.
The age old problem of producing plastic bags should be a thing of the past, at last a viable alternative exists.

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