How to Determine Your Eligibility For Obama"s Scholarship Programs

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A major issue for the Obama Administration is education.
They feel that this is of great importance because by having people become more educated, it will flood the country with qualified, much needed candidates for jobs out here, which would raise the economy back to a higher level.
Out of all the people in America that want to pursue an education, single mothers seem to have it the hardest because there weren't many government programs at the time geared towards single mothers.
President Obama took notice and made sure that these scholarship programs will make college more affordable to them.
On a usual basis, students are told that the best way to pay for college is through applying for a loan.
Most students frown at the idea because they don't want to accumulate debt one they finished college.
Fortunately, there are multiplicities of grant programs available that will fund your education without having to pay the money back.
Some of these programs are: 1)PELL GRANT: People that have a low income are eligible for this grant.
This is of an even greater benefit for single mothers, who can get up to $3500 per year if needed.
2)THE NATIONAL SMART GRANT: This grant is for people who are pursuing degrees in the fields of math and science and are already in their 3rd or 4th year of college.
3)TEACH (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education): As the name state, this grant is for students who want to pursue a degree in education to become a teacher.
You can receive up to $4000 per year.
4)FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant): People who have a very, very low income can qualify for this grant.
You can receive from $100-$4000 per year towards college.
5)ACADEMIC COMPETITIVENESS GRANT: This is a grant that began in 2005 for high school students getting ready to start college.
With this grant, the students receive $750 for their 1st year of school and $1300 for their 2nd year.
These are just a sample of the many grants that are out here that people can use to better themselves with an education.
So apply for these grants and get started today.

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