Disneyworld Tips For Your Family and You

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A Disneyworld vacation tops many families wish list.
But with 22 themed resorts, 2 water parks, and 4 major theme parks, Downtown Disney - and everything else in it - can be quite overwhelming, especially to a first-timer! Well, don't fret.
I've put together a little list of Disneyworld tips and tricks to help you and your travel mates have the best possible vacation in the happiest place on earth.
Plan When to Go.
Disney has a peak season and a regular season.
You don't want to go during the peak season because it's when prices will be sky-high! So, look up the dates each season falls under.
You can get this information from travel guides, travel agencies, and Disney's official website.
Use the Magical Express.
If you're staying at a Disney resort, use the Magical Express.
This bus service will take you from and to the airport for free! You also enjoy free luggage delivery.
On top of that, if you're flying with a partner airline, you can check-in for your return flight while at the resort! 3.
Use Disney's Transportation System.
They're for free, they're everywhere, and they're amazingly cool inside.
Even better, they run every 20 minutes the last time I checked! 4.
I always say using Fastpass is a skill.
Well, I'm still saying it.
Using Fastpass is a great skill because it reduces waiting time for popular rides by leaps and bounds! Read up on how you should be using your Fastpasses.
The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide provides a ton of practical information on the subject but it's not the only one that does.
Check out more Disneyworld tips on Fastpasses from the official website and from other reliable sources.
Eat Where It's Cheap.
Believe it or not, a lot of restaurants offer coupons and discounts.
For instance, you can print coupons that entitle you to $10 off every $25 purchase from Rainforest Cafe.
Where do you find coupons? For restaurants surrounding the Disney area, try Restaurant.
Simply browse the website for certificates that will take care of a percentage of your bill.
Check out the Orlando Visitor Center, too.
You can get a Magicard for free there.
This card provides discounts at restaurants, shops, hotels, and area attractions.
Another way to save on food is by buying gift certificates at a discount.
Some certificates shave as much as 50% off meals! Most certificates are for a certain amount, though.
This amount is usually for $25, and you will be getting it at the discounted price of $12.
50 or lesser.
What are you waiting for? Get those pointy mouse ears, use these tips, and go have some budget-friendly fun!

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