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How to Make Pendant Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

Making your own jewelry is a cheaper alternative to purchasing store-bought pieces, and the process of designing your own accessories ensures your collection is full of pieces that complement your personal style. Simple wire-wrapping techniques allow you to transform many types of beads and stones i

Mettler Thread Vs. Superior Thread

Mettler and Superior are two different brands of thread. Superior Thread and Mettler Thread both make sewing, quilting and embroidery thread and offer their products in a wide range of fabrics.

Quit Smoking Patch

Help me quit smoking cigarettes is a request made by thousands of people! This is a habit that is very hard to give up. It is costly and not good for anyone's health. Smoking is a constant nag in the life of a smoker. There are solutions if you and the smoker put your mind to it. I hope to addr

How to Finish a Friendship Bracelet Using a Toggle

Traditionally, friendship bracelets, handmade bracelets woven from embroidery floss, are finished by tying around the wrist with the excess floss at the ends. This method of closure doesn't allow the wearer to remove the bracelet easily. It must either be untied or cut. Toggle clasps, used by insert

How to Make a Multidimensional Paper Heart

Take a simple paper heart to a whole new level by creating one that's multidimensional. The 3-D heart you make can be used as a creative gift for a friend or a decoration for Valentine’s Day; you can also connect it to other hearts to create a decorative garland. Use solid or patterned scrapbo

How to Build Balsa Wood & Tissue Paper Airplanes

Model kit assembly is made easier with precut balsa parts, prefabricated plastic, metal and paper. Most kits provide your basic design and describe options that you may wish to add now or later, i.e. a gas motor versus a rubber band or glider for free flight. Rigorously following kit instructions, y

Color Theory Activities

Color surrounds us, and while it seems simple, it really is quite complex. The way we see color is largely affected by the colors and light that surround it. Understanding these relationships requires a knowledge of color theory. Color theory can be taught quite easily by using activities to underst

How to Make a Jewelry Holder Wire

Women often face problems organizing their jewelry. Jewelry boxes keep pieces safe, clean and organized but can be a hassle when storing pieces you wear every day. Simply laying these pieces on your bureau, however, increases the risk of loss, damage or tangled jewelry. One simple and elegant soluti

How to Build an Enclosure for Two 12-Inch Subwoofers

While many car and home audio dealers sell complete lines of name brand equipment, you basically have to take what they give you. If you require custom size specifications for equipment such as a subwoofer, having one custom made can be cost prohibitive. Many do-it-yourself audiophiles would rather

How to Choose Jewelry Stamping Blanks

You've decided to try making hand-stamped jewelry, but are totally lost when it comes to choosing which metal to stamp on? Don't fret, with a little knowledge you can begin choosing your stamping blan

How to Make a Telescope Out of Cardboard Tubes

There are many different ways that you can build a telescope with cardboard tubes, mirrors, lenses and some basic supplies. The easiest project is a simple refracting telescope using two lenses and two tubes. It will give you a fairly clear, magnified image, and might inspire you to do more. If it w

How to Enhance Color in Cultured Stone

Cultured stone, molded concrete made to like like natural stone, is a cheaper and in some cases stronger alternative to real stone. It can be made to look like anything from marble to granite and just about any texture in between, making it an excellent option for the most difficult projects. One pa

Tie Knot Blanket Instructions

Blankets are almost always welcome gifts. New parents appreciate soft blankets for their new infants. Small children often carry blankets for comfort. College students use them to make their dorm rooms cozier, wear them as impromptu jackets and use them as makeshift beds. You can fulfill all of thes

Cheats for "Pokemon Emerald Odale Town" on Gameshark

"Pokemon Emerald" is similar to "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire" because it takes place in the land of Hoenn, but the graphics are much sharper in "Emerald." Just like the other Pokemon games, you must travel to different buildings and defeat Pokemon masters, each having his own style and techn

How to Build a Quilting Frame for a Sewing Machine

Machine quilting frames allow a quilt to be stretched tight while the machine moves along the length of the frame. The table cross member support will vary according to the measurements of your specific machine. All instructions remain the same. These support measurements are based on the length of

How to Replace Fender AMP Tubes

Fender tube amplifiers are a staple in music history as a powerful sounding tool and the preferred sound of thousands of popular artists. Using the tube amplifier or "AMP" as opposed to a solid state or non-tube AMP has many benefits, such as warmth of tone, unique pitch range and all-around power.

How to Embroider With Beads

Bead embroidery is a type of needlework that includes the addition of beads into traditional embroidery designs using regular embroidery stitches. If you are familiar with the stitches, adding the beads and creating a new and three-dimensional piece of clothing or wall hanging is relatively easy. Wh

How to Make a Mini Alphabet Template for a Scrapbook Album

A mini alphabet template is used by scrapbookers to add lettering to scrapbook pages. The right style of mini alphabet template is not always easy to locate. Make your own template using a blank stencil sheet. The thin plastic is easy to cut but is very durable and does not tear when stored. A hand-

How to Make a Template for Sign Painting

A template is a superb tool for sign painting. It allows you to create a large number of signs that can be painted in using a blunt stencil brush or spray paint. The template or stencil can be used over and over, depending on the durability of the paper or cardboard you use. Card stock makes a good