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About Financial Planner Courses

Financial planners are in demand. These professional financial advisers provide welcome counsel to individuals and families interested in allocating their savings efficiently, setting up a retirement fund and providing for the education of their children. There are more types of financial planners t

How to Be a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmaceutical duties have increased over the years which cause a higher demand of pharmacy technicians. It is an individual who assists a licensed pharmacist in doing his daily duties and task. Holding such a position entitles you to do all computer related work such as sorting and storing data, la

2013 Proposed Military Pay Rates-Commissioned Officers

President Obama and House of Representatives Budgets include a proposed 1.7percent across-the-board base pay raise for 2013. This raise is .1% percentmore than the 2012 military pay increase and remains among the smallest increasessince 1962.

Why Is OSHA Important in a Company?

In 1970, Congress enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Act, or OSHA, to protect workers from known hazards in the workplace. Under the new law, companies were required to enact policies and procedures to protect everyone in their employ. Guidelines were established and safety measures standa

Skills Needed to Become a Registered Nurse

A registered nurse evaluates patients' illnesses or injuries.nurse on duty image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comRegistered nurses (RNs) analyze and evaluate individuals' medical histories. They work collaboratively with physicians to interpret symptoms and results of physical...

How To Negotiate Salary

Salary negotiation is always a difficult task particularly as employers are keen to offer the least that they can possibly get away with. This article explores some practical strategies for salary negotiation.

Finding the perfect oil job

There are many people searching for an oil job because even if there are a lot of responsibilities, the salary is good and there are other benefits involved. Among the companies that offer an oil ...

Labour Shortage Continues to Impact Western Canada

As the economy begins to stabilize, Canada is now experiencing a new set of employment challenges. As the members of the Baby Boomer generation are beginning to retire at the same time that many types of jobs are experiencing unprecedented growth, the country is starting to feel the effects of a lab

How to Write an Evaluation

The ability to write an effective evaluation is important to the success of your career. Whether you are running your own business or serving in a management capacity for someone else, being able to evaluate an employee's performance is priceless. It can help you pinpoint to the employee exactly w

How An Accountability Partner Is Critical For Success

No one ever succeeds on their own, with any great success there would have been countless people who made it possible. Just as with any great athlete they would have a coach and sometimes a ...

3 Steps To Cheap Website Traffic

What's more, most solution like to need to install extra software just to make the cost "work". They worry about getting viruses, "warez" and falling prey to phishing (fraud) hoaxes. Do personalized research. Course good ...

Work From Home Careers With Vocational Training

If you are on the lookout for genuine home-based work opportunities, you may know how frustrating the process can be. All you can find in the name of “work-at-home” jobs in the Sunday classifieds and on the Internet reek of scam. Before you give in the urge to try one of these options ag

Social Rewards Of Being A C.s.i.

During the last few years, police and law-related TV shows experienced a healthy renovation thanks to the impressive success of serials that show a non-conventional side of police work: forensics. Crime Scene Investigations (C.S.I.) is the best example, and probably the most popular show being aired

Online Community Manager Job Descriptions

The online community manager leads, moderates and engages social communities on the Internet. The manager monitors community activities, such as message board postings, on corporate websites and sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. The ideal candidate should be a strategic thinker with an ab

Safety Precautions Before Handling Electrical Work

Working around electricity can be dangerous. The current running through most of the electrical devices around the home carries enough charge to cause serious injury, including death. If you are working around electricity, you need to know the proper safety precautions. Taking these precautions can

Things to Remember When Resigning

It is important to keep things strictly professional when you resign, even though the end of a job can involve sadness or even anger. Expressing negative emotions, behaving unprofessionally or burning bridges can come back to haunt you. There are several things to keep in mind if you have decided to

What Are the Benefits of Slowing Down Sales Reps?

There are benefits to slowing down your salespeople.golden sales image by Alessia from Fotolia.comWhen some people think of sales representatives, they may conjure up an image of a fast-talking huckster who uses intimidation or tricks to entice people to buy. While this high-speed...

Mobile Trends: Cell Phone, PDA, and Fashion

Today cell phones aren't just about communications they are also about style! If you don't believe it then think of all the trendsetters in Hollywood and any recent pictures you have seen of them. More ...