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Instructions to Buy Fine Art Photography for Sale

there are a number of instructions that you need to follow to buy the fine art photography for sale. Are you looking out for fine photography that is on sale online? If yes then following ...

How to Paint a Brass Light Fixture to a Chrome Color

It's easy to think that when you don't like a light fixture, your only option is to replace it. While this is a viable option, it's expensive and time consuming. A much easier solution is to reinvent the light fixture by giving it a new finish. Spray paints are available in a range of faux finishes

How to Paint Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper is composed of woven fabric made with grass and vegetable fibers. Dull, uneven spots tend to appear throughout the finish when inexperienced painters try to paint this material. Because grasscloth wallpaper is loosely woven, it tends to absorb large amounts of paint. This leads

How to Restore Art Prints

Art prints are collectors' items intended for archival, yet their delicate nature causes the fragile paper they are printed on to deteriorate with time. However, age should not be the sole reason for having wrinkled or yellow art prints. Art prints can now easily be restored to look almost like new:

How to Paint on Paper Towels

If painting on unusual surfaces is one of your trademarks as an artist, you may have considered trying to use paper towels as a form of found canvas. In many ways, painting on paper towels is similar to painting on standard paper, though this material presents many challenges due to its soft texture

Oldcastle Countryside Wall Instructions

A stone wall can completely change the look of your backyard. The Oldcastle company makes many types of materials that you can use in your outdoor project, including a line of stone blocks called the Countryside design. These small stone blocks are designed to be stacked on top of each other to form

Good Colors for a House

A house with a neutral image by qadro from Fotolia.comPainting a house is a serious commitment and often requires a lot of effort, time and money. In addition, deciding on the proper color or color scheme to use on your house can be difficult and stressful. Fortunately,...

Step-by-Step Drawing of Pugs

Drawing your favorite dogs, like the pug, can offer hours of intensive but satisfying work. If you own pugs or are just enthusiastic about the breed, a piece of pug artwork is the perfect complement to a home filled with the dogs.

How to Draw a Cartoon of a Fox

Drawing a cartoon fox is similar to a realistic fox except cartoons allow the artist more creative freedom. Cartoonists can use their imagination to bring out the fox's character or personality. For example, an artist might portray the fox as cute and sweet or devious and sneaky. Other techniques in

How to Draw the Back of a Leg

When drawing the back of the leg, carefully observe the anatomy of human body. If you look at the legs of several people, you will find an endless variety of appearance in their forms. From short and stout to long and slender, the back of the leg comes in every size and shape. Despite particular cha

Landscape Painting Techniques

Landscape are the most popular things for an artist to paint. When painters see a beautiful view, many times their first thought is "what a beautiful painting that would make!" Actually painting that beautiful scene is easier than you might imagine, especially if you use the following tips and sugge

Objectives for Marble Painting in Preschool

One of the best ways to get and keep a preschool’s attention is by providing an activity that is interactive, exciting and stimulating. Add some paint and the possibility of getting messy and those kids will have their eyes glued on you for more instructions. Marble painting combines art, scie

Varnishing Oil Paintings

Oil paintings need maintaining so they remain as good as new. Since most oil paintings are displayed without a glass cover, they will gather a lot of dust particles and eventually look dingy. One of the best ways to make a painting look brand new is to clean and varnish the artwork.

How to Remove Dry Paint From Glass

Even the most careful painter can leave streaks or spots of paint on glass windows or mirrors. To remove dry paint from glass, first determine, if possible, what kind of paint it is. Acrylic or latex-paint needs to be scraped and then washed with soap and water. Oil-based paint may be easier to remo

How to Paint With Egg Tempera

Egg tempera is a painting medium that dates back to medieval times, and requires more prep work and patience than most modern artists usually give their paint. Still, fans of egg tempera believe the paint's translucence and clarity of color make it worth the extra effort. Made with ground pigment, e

Spicing Up Your Home With Some Modern Canvas Art

If you want to be cutting edge, look absolutely and effortlessly chic, you should really look into our incredible inventory of modern canvas art. We have many pieces that look fabulous in any setting, from ...