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How to Locate XP Driver for NIC

NIC drivers are a set of drivers designed for specific Ethernet devices manufactured by a variety of companies. Without these drivers, the Ethernet devices will not work properly in Windows XP. In order to install these drivers on your machine, you'll first have to find and download them from the In

How to Use a Forerunner 305 in VirtualBox With the Training Center in Vista

If you use VirtualBox to run a Windows Vista emulated machine on your computer, you can use that VirtualBox machine to install the Forerunner 305 Training Center. Using a VirtualBox instead of a standard installation operating system can be very useful for a couple of reasons. It reduces compatibili

How to Lower the Ping on XP

Ping is the term used to describe the amount of time taken by a computer to communicate with a server. Ping is measured in values between 1 and 60, 1 being the fastest and 60 being the slowest. While most computers are designated a ping value of 2 by default, lowering your ping to a value of 1 can r

How to Map the Windows Right Arrow & Enter Keys

If you do not like the way that you use the right arrow key or the Enter key on your keyboard, then it is possible to map those keys to something else. This requires you using the registry to make a keyboard hack. There are software tools available online that will remap keys for you with greater ea

How to Fix Windows XP IRQ

IRQ, or interrupt request, refers to a setting that Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP, assign to peripheral devices, such as keyboards, sound cards and video cards. The IRQ value identifies the device to the operating system so that the operating system knows how to exchange data with th

How to Remove Crypserv.Exe

Crypserv.exe is an executable process of the CrypKey Server application. CrypKey Server uses a copy protection technique that prevents the duplication of downloaded demo/trial software programs. It is not an essential process and is known to consume high volumes of computer memory without any specia

How to Uninstall Programs Using Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system released by Microsoft in January 2006. Unlike Windows XP and its predecessors, Vista does not feature the "Add or Remove Programs" option in the control panel to which many Windows users have become accustomed. While navigating to the proper location in order to

Access Driver Tutorial

If you want to access information on your computer relating to the device driver associated with a particular piece of hardware, you will need to use the Device Manager. Device Manager is a native Windows application, present in the architecture of the operating system since Windows 3.1. The Device

Define a System Security Model

The term system "security model" refers to the overall security paradigm used to protect company or personal electronic devices, placing particular emphasis upon computers. System security models can range from light password protections to stringent and highly layered security protocols that make u

How to Review the Start Menu of Windows XP

The Windows XP Start menu is the main access point for launching programs and customizing the computer's settings. Each new program installed on the computer is added by default to the list of programs in the "All Programs" section of the Start menu. This makes finding and launching installed progra

How to Uninstall Outlook 2002 on Windows XP

Microsoft Office can be an expensive software package to purchase, if you buy it with all of the components such as Word, Excel and Outlook. However, Microsoft also sells many of the components of Office individually for users who only need the latest version of one program. This allows you to upgra

How to Uninstall Windows XP Without Formatting

Uninstalling your Windows XP operating system may be necessary for several reasons. Your computer may not be powerful enough to run it and you may need to revert to an older operating system that your computer can run. You may also be looking to upgrade to a new operating system such as Windows Vist

How to View Group Policies

Group Policies is a tool in the Windows operating system that allows users to configure the environment of computer and user accounts. Use it to control which parts of the operating system specific user accounts can and cannot access. This is useful because it prevents users from accidentally access

How to Stop Windows Genuine Pop-Ups

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is the Microsoft anti-privacy program that enforces the validity of Windows operating systems. The program is initiated when accessing services as Windows Update as well as when downloading programs from Microsoft's Download Center. When you are downloading services o

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Windows XP PC

Ever wish you had a different mouse than the pointy arrow on your PC? Once you are more familiar with your XP computer, it can be nice to customize it a little. An easy way of doing this is to change what your mouse cursor or pointer looks like. It is a very easy operation in Windows which takes a

How to Remove the Sysprep Tool From a Registry

SysPrep.exe or Microsoft System Preparation tool is used by manufacturers in the process of replicating operating systems onto multiple computers. This automated deployment process prepares computers for shipping to customers. Problems arise when the SysPrep mini-setup wizard

How to Remove a J2SE Runtime Environment Update

If you work with software in your browser that utilizes Java technology, you need to ensure that you are using only the supported versions to prevent compatibility issues. Web-based applications used over a virtual network, such as calling software and database applications, can sometimes fail to wo

How to Install Plugins for PS2 Emulators

The PS2 is video game hardware that was released in 2000. After its release, software developers began working on computer programs that are capable of playing PS2 games right on your computer. These programs are called PS2 emulators and are capable of playing retail PS2 games using the computer's h

Does Vista Solve Problems on Your Computer?

In the newest incarnation of Windows--Windows 7--Microsoft includes an "Action Center" feature, which scans for PC issues and goes online to help you solve them. This new feature doesn't exist in Windows Vista, but Vista provides other solutions for PC issues.

How do I Convert a DVR-MS to WAV Format?

Digital Video Recording-Microsoft files, better known as DVR-MS extensions, are popular with Windows programs and with XP and the CyberLink application. While they are usable with various Microsoft players, they are not compatible for use with a variety of other outside programs. You can combat this