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Web Designers in Lebanon: Ideal for Designing Your Website

If your business website looks outdated compared to other websites online, then it is high time to redesign your web page. Websites should have the capability to hold the attention of your customers but a ...

What are website footers?

What is a website footer? What role does a website footer play in the performance of a website? What are the things that can be placed in the footer? Read this article to know more about website foote

Large Integer Sets In Delphi

If you ever needed to do set type operations like union, intersection or difference on a collection of integer values containing more than 256 elements, you would not be able to use the standard set data type. Here's one approach you can use to have sets of up to 65536 integer elements. The cod

Ice Rink Digital Marketing

Ice hockey electronic marketing is now proving to be a winner for a number of installations in the US and Canada electronic signage systems is now getting deployed in a number of ice rinks due ...

Expand Expressions and Select a Subgroup

You will be able to build your expression by adding items to the empty window on top of the screen. You can choose from the row of standard operator buttons (such as +, -, =, And, Or, etc.) immediately below that window. The real power of Expression Builder, however, lies in the bottom portion of th

HTML to WordPress

For every single div tag with a label, also include that design into design.css. When converting your HTML to WordPress, a good technique is to very carefully wrap the php code that is there concerning ...

How to Insert My Own Buttons in Dreamweaver CS3

Dreamweaver CS3 is a popular web design software developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. It allows you to create websites without having knowledge of web programming. Webpage buttons are parts of a webpage that will take the visitor to another website or area in a website. Dreamweaver contains many buttons

The Most Popular Janitorial Cleaning Dallas

These can affect the professional look of your establishment negatively. While you may feel constrained in the operations standards you must follow, and while you might feel as though the costs are high -- don't ...

PHP Web Development and Its Manifolds Advantages

PHP in broad terms means Hypertext Preprocessor. Released in the year 1995, this language is mostly used for the website and web application development. Very since after its inception, this web development language went through ...

The Value of Colour and Shapes in Your Baby's Life.

Value of colour plus shapes in increasing kids creative imagination. Shapes and colorings activate a lot of our brain activity. The Universe is a magnetic field with negative and positive charges, constantly vibrating and generating ...

Know the Cool Website Development Tips

Website development is the most important field now-a-days. Website is an interactive medium to reach to your customers. Web developers across the world, will help you to create the best website. Webs

Best Open Source CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal

Website building by people with little programming knowledge has become very popular these days. Initially, website creation was a very difficult job for the people, as they have to learn different languages and codes in ...

An Introduction to Agile Software Development

IT Software Development methods have improved a lot over the years. Today there is a complex framework of developers, planners and executors who work together on the project with the help of Informati

Cos () PHP Function

How to calculate the cosine of a number, in radians, using PHP.

Web Design and SEO - An Unequal Partnership?

web design and SEO dynamic has changed irrevocably. Web design is still important of course but it has very little value in itself – the most beautiful website is only a success if it achieves its aim