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A Deep Fish Fryer And California Rock Cod Combine To Make A Delicious Meal

One of my favorite fishing trips is to the north coast of California for rock cod, and one of my favorite ways to prepare it is with a deep fish fryer. The problem is you have to catch it before you can cook it, and that’s why I like fishing for rock cod.If you can get your boat in the water,

How to Make Colored Breads

Homemade bread is a favorite among food lovers, and it is often associated with family gatherings. A great twist to traditional bread recipes is to add some color to the loaf. This makes it a perfect bread for celebrations or holidays, and the colors can be tailored to match the specific event.

Oriental Lettuce Wraps

Are these ever nice! These easy to make lettuce wraps have all the flavors from the far east, including shitake mushrooms, oyster sauce and hoisin. The seasoning is well balanced, and filled with chic

How to Microwave a Whole Chicken

You can cook a whole chicken in a microwave oven. Season the chicken and a microwavable dish. Adjust your microwave's settings to medium-high, put the chicken in and press start. It won't be as crispy as chicken cooked in the oven, but it will be completely cooked. You can cut the meat into hunks or

Old Caldron Used in Cooking Turron

Turron is a very old, traditional sweet of Moorish (Arabic) origin. It has been a popular sweet for centuries, even outside Spain's borders. It is said that the Moors invented turrĂ³n over 500 years ago in Jijona, a small town about 30 miles or so north of Alicante. Jijona's economy is focu

You Deserve The Best Wine At All Times

When you are in a famous wine region, to get the real feel of the place is best to go on wine tours. Niagara Falls Ontario wine tours are well known all over the globe. The wineries here are well located and within easy reach. If you are an avid wine lover or just enjoy a beautiful country escape wi

How To Buy Affordable Chocolate For An Event

You are not a stranger to chocolate and mints as it is what you see around you especially if you have kids in the home, chocolate and mints are becoming tastier and nutritious these days as manufacturers are taking their time in producing them.You can get chocolate and mints of various shapes and st

How to Make Edible Photo Chocolate Heart Frames

An edible chocolate photo frame makes a lovely gift for Valentine's Day and many other occasions. You can make frames of any size using the same method. Laminate the photo you're framing so it isn't stained by the chocolate.

The Art of Mexican Cooking

Chili spices, cornmeal and cilantro are the main ingredients Mexican food artisans use to make masterpieces. Traditional Mexican fare differs greatly from the fast food served in many restaurants. Recipes are generally handed down from generation to generation and reflect regional and cultural diffe

What is marmalade?

What is marmalade? How does marmalade differ from jelly or jam? The answer is provided within this FAQ.

Really Easy Desserts

You don't have to labor all day in the kitchen in order to make a delicious and eye appealing dessert. By using some classic ingredients, such as chocolate and fruit, you can create dishes that will impress any age group at any type of event. Some desserts are even simple and quick enough that you c