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Amazon Kindle How-to: Help! My Kindle's Frozen!

Talk about frustrating! A few minutes ago you were enjoying your favorite e-book on your Kindle, and now you're staring at a blank or unresponsive screen. Every once in a while the Amazon Kindle - lik

Install a Home Theater in Your Very Own Basement

Have you been thinking of finishing your basement? If so, you know you have multiple different paths you could take. You can go with the typical room, with areas for a living space and television. You

What Is a Video Amplifier?

Video amplifiers are adapters that enhance video quality. They resemble cable television splitters and are compatible with both antenna and cable signals. A video amplifier improves the resolution and quality of video signals received from televisions, DVDs and computer monitors. Specific amplifiers

How to Upload GPS Waypoints Via NMEA

The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) is common on several GPS devices. Some examples of GPS devices include Magellan, Garmin and Lowrance. With these devices, you can get tracks, routes and waypoints. To keep your NMEA GPS updated, you should upload new waypoints to it every 6 months.

It's A Gadget World, So Why Not Give Gadgets For Christmas Gifts?

Giving gadgets for Christmas [] can be a costly practice, the latest trends that hit the market are what most people usually appreciated. Many Christmas gadgets [http://www

How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba Gigabeat

Take your music anywhere you go with Toshiba's Gigabeat MP3 player. At times, you may encounter technical glitches with your Gigabeat, which can be caused by any number of issues, including power outages, missing song files, battery charging problems and bad connections between a PC and the player.

The Best 10 Megapixel Digital Camera

The best 10MP digital cameras have high-end features.Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesSize doesn't always matter when it comes to megapixels. Although digital camera manufacturers now offer models with 12, 15, and 18 megapixels, today's 10 megapixel (MP) cameras provide...

How to Waterproof Coax Cables

Coax cables transfer audio and video signals from a receiver to a piece of electrical equipment. Keeping moisture from entering exterior mounted coax cables eliminates corrosion on the coax connectors and reduces signal interference caused by internal corrosion on the cable. Moisture barriers geared

How to Recycle a Wireless Mic

Recycling your unused wireless microphone can make the difference between giving your equipment to someone who actually needs it and simply throwing the microphone away and causing more waste. In order to recycle your microphone, it must be under 700 MHz; anything over is illegal, according to the F

Find out what the term Dolby TrueHD means

Dolby TrueHD is a high definition digital-based surround sound format that supports up to 8-channels of surround decoding and is bit-for-bit identical to a studio master recording. Read more...

ID card laminator

A laminated card printer not only adds life to your ID cards, but it's economical in the sense that you don't need to replace the ID cards repeatedly after every few months.

How to Unlock a BlackBerry 8100 Free

The reason your BlackBerry Pearl 8100 only recognizes the SIM card from one mobile company is because it has a SIM subsidy lock installed. Mobile companies put them on their phones to ensure that the phones are only used with their companies. To remove the SIM subsidy lock, you need the unlock code

Vodafone Mobile Phones:

There are many mobile network providers in the mobile market of the UK but no other mobile network provided is so much popular as Vodafone.Vodafone is the most trusted name in UK in the communication

How to Choose Closed Captioning

While all televisions and DVD players vary, the method for turning on closed captioning is similar on most models. So whether you require closed captioning for a hearing impairment or you are simply tired of your television blasting you out of your chair during action sequences and downgrading to mu

Problems With V Tech Phones

VTech phones are sold all over the world.wireless phone image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comFounded in 1976, VTech is a Hong Kong-based company that is one of the world's biggest suppliers of both corded and cordless telephones. According to the company's brand building agenda found on its...

Other uses for Baby Video Monitor

Basically, Baby Video Monitors are purchased with the only purpose to survey the baby non-stop. However, since this devices have been around, they have found a series of other uses. Check this article