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Practical Wedding Favors - Ideas

You want to remember your special day. You want your guests to remember it, too. Wedding favors are keepsakes you give your guests as a thank you for sharing your most special occasion. With practical wedding favors, your guests will remember your wedding every time they use the wedding favor-and th

Wedding Ideas for Flower Girls

Flower petals strewn before the bride symbolize a rosy future.flower petals on jacuzzi side image by laurent dambies from Fotolia.comBesides the bride, the member of the wedding party most likely to draw smiles and emotional responses from the assembled congregation is the flower girl....

How to Make Your Own Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are expensive, but you can actually make your own wedding veil and save a lot of money while creating a one-of-a-kind veil for your special day. It sounds difficult, but it is actually quite easy to make a wedding veil. You could even make a party out of it and invite all of your bride

Getting Dressed Up For Wedding Receptions

Having a wedding reception is what the newly married couple mostly awaits for. And the relatives, dear ones and friends, put in all their efforts and love to make it lovely, enchanting and the most memorable one.

How Easy is Getting your Hawaii Marriage License?

Want to know how the best and most romantic Hawaii beach weddings are held? However, before that, you must know how to obtain first a Hawaii marriage license before you can hold your very own romantic

Why Wedding Planning is Important

Weddings are without a doubt among the happiest moments in a person's life. But, this significant occasion doesn't always come as blissfully as the occurrence itself. Since a great many couples might not have plenty of time to scrutinize everything, they might require assistance from a dep

Adding Entertainment Value To Wedding Parties

Everyone loves a vibrant, shimmering and animated wedding ceremony full of surprises, dance, cakes and happiness. It is a perfect occasion to meet, enjoy and have fun with friends, relatives and other family members.

Wedding Gag Gifts

When attending the wedding of someone who means a lot to you, one of the hardest decisions is what to give the new couple. If the couple has a great sense of humor, or if you just want to get one of them back for an awful gift given to you, a wedding gag gift is priceless.

Places to Get Married in Rising Fawn, Georgia

Couples who are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony should consider Rising Fawn, Georgia. Rich in history and full of southern charm, this town beckons people from all walks of life. The surrounding mountains provide a romantic backdrop for both the wedding and reception no matter what season the w

Party Dress Styles of the 30s

As the late 1920s gave way to the Great Depression, women's dress styles shifted from luxurious to simple, more affordable styles. However, the women of the day still dressed up for parties and special events.

How to Decorate Party Tables With Cupcakes

Rather than using flowers, candles or some other type of table decoration for the next party you throw, use cupcakes for your decor. Many people frost cupcakes in either vanilla or chocolate icing and display them on flat platters. Instead, frost your cupcakes more creatively, and display them on a

Bachelorette Pool Party Game Ideas

Plan a bachelorette pool party for wild fun.Swimming pool and pool house image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comPlaying games at the pool can be a perfectly relaxing or exciting diversion for a bride-to-be. You can play bachelorette pool games with a group in and out of the pool. Use trivia...

Wedding Cake Decorations

There are many avenues you can take when creating a work of art through a wedding cake. Although the cake does have to taste good, the success of a wedding cake is all about how ...

Great Cheap Places to Have a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party can easily squash your budget, especially if you want to have the party away from home. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways and places to have a cheap birthday party. Birthday parties are memorable highlights of childhood, but they don't have to be costly to be...

What Type of Lighting Is Used for Wedding Receptions?

A wedding reception is generally the most anticipated aspect of a wedding. After all, so much thought, effort and money goes into making the reception celebration fun, relaxing and memorable for the newlyweds and their guests. From flowers to centerpieces, each detail is well thought out to set the

Fall Leaf Cookie Cutter In Autumn Themed Gift Box 2008

A wedding is a special occasion and the wedding favors should also be special. However, just because something should be special and reflective of the wedding atmosphere or theme, such as autumn or traditional, it does not mean that the wedding favor has to be only decorative.

Writing a Groom Speech Made Easy

Writing a groom speech for your wedding is a difficult task if you don't know how it's done. Like any other public speeches, groom speech can be very difficult. Speaking in front of the most personal and important people in your life makes it a lot harder.