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Caregivers and the Challenge - Asking for Help

Caregivers have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It challenges them emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Many have been raised to believe it's a weakness to ask for help and it takes its toll. Here are some solutions for caregivers.

Aging well even in Nursing Homes in Michigan

Aging well is about a balance between being physically fir and finding mental stability. Finding your sense of purpose in life and staying mentally well is just as crucial as exercise to feel and live

Signs of Impending Death Every Caregiver Should Know

One of caregivers' biggest fears is that the care-receiver will die on their shift. Most people have never watched someone die.It doesn't always happen the way it is portrayed in the movies.

America Needs Nurses

Large-scale health care reforms may be only a beautiful declaration, if a catastrophic shortage of nurses is not eliminated. Of course, we are talking about medical staff of both female and male sex.

Diet For IBS - Because You're Not a Hypochondriac

Some news items are claiming that irritable bowel syndrome sufferers are hypochondriacs. Those who have the symptoms know they are real, and would love to know what to do about them.

Eldcer Care-Calculating Costs

Calculating how long an elder's money will last may seem inappropriate but it isn't. With the rising costs of everything and the reduction of benefits provided by Social Security knowing how long an elder's money will last is important.

How to Find Licensed Elderly Care

Licensed elderly care--ranging from in-home care to day programs to skilled nursing facilities--is easy to find. Consult government agencies, associations that represent agencies on aging and organizations that represent eldercare professionals.

Garlic, A Super Herb

With all the herbs and spices known to man, none has been revered and reviled as the garlic. Throughout the ages, the use of garlic for its culinary and therapeutic properties has been embraced wholeheartedly to the point that it was worshiped as a god in some ancient cultures.

Can The Body Cure Our Sinus Allergies?

It's the time of the year when the grasses are growing fast and people starts to worry about their sinus allergies. Everywhere you go, you'll see people with stuffy nose and watery eyes. The supplies of over-the-counter medicines for anti-allergies are high because of its soaring demand. B

Getting A Medicare Supplementary Plan

Medigap Insurance, also known as Medicare Supplement Plan, is a private health insurance that is designed to complement an original Medicare plan you may have. The objective is to assist Medicare plan holders in paying the health care cost that is not covered.

You Need Time for Yourself

When you're drowning in the demands of caregiving, no matter how lovingly given, you still need to remember to take care of You! Your needs are the first to go, when you have no help.

Activities at Home - What Can Grandma Do?

When a parent with memory problems moves into our homes it's easy to just do everything or to skip things that pose a big problem. Neither are the right way to go about it, but what can Grandma do?

Check Out a Homeopathic Spray As a Treatment For Boils

It's hard to know what to do when a boil is discovered on the skin. It is very painful, and it could be happening because life has been stressful and frantic. Other times it is because of the build-up of bacteria on the skin and it hasn't been cleaned well. Neither are always the case, but

Impetigo Cause

It has been found that impetigo can be caused by two types of bacteria. The first can be group A streptococcus and the second type of bacteria that can cause this skin disorder is called staphylococcus aureus.

Benchtop Centrifuges for Physicians' Offices

Bench top centrifuges are great options for physician's offices and small laboratories. The space saving design of these centrifuges ensures that they easily fit in laboratories with space constraints. They offer maximum versatility to perform hematology applications and help improve lab effici