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How Do You Pass The Time While On Your Commute?

If you drive about an hour each way to work like I do you probably have developed some kind of formula for how you get to work. And if you are anything like me you have seen people do some scary things while you drive. - Checking Your Blood Glucose

Diabetic or not, most adults in the US (and these days teens too) have at some point in time or the other done a blood glucose test. We all know that blood glucose test is meant to test for ‘sugar’ in the blood. But is blood really sweet? In my blog today, allow me to give you a ball par

Use the Glycemic Index List to Help With Meal Planning

It is an odd thing when you find you have to start "counting" your food when you are told you have diabetes. Oh yeah! Count the carbs. Well, the glycemic index list is another thing to worry about if you wish to fight diabetes and obesity.

A Cure For Type 2 Diabetes - Are Sugar And Rice A Cure For Type 2 Diabetes?

Rice has been a staple food for over 4000 years in China and many civilizations since then have built their diet around this beneficial food. Rice is one of the most important staples in the diet with over half the world's population dependent on it for sustenance. Cultures with rice as a stapl

A Diet Plan For the Diabetic - How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy For Diabetics

Being obese may result to getting afflicted with diabetes, but if you are already diabetic, becoming overweight increases your risk of getting the other complications. Aside from maintaining a healthy blood sugar level, overall health and regulated weight through healthy eating and having an active

Herbal Remedy For Diabetes - Think First Before You Act

People are now giving importance to herbal remedy for diabetes because of their effectiveness. Like what Joe Barton says in his guide, Diabetes Reversal Report, they are cost efficient, natural and have no side effects. People do not need to fear that they would have adverse effects on their body si

Diabetic Testing Supplies - Tips For Seniors

With the rapid increase in the number of diabetic patients each year, the products like diabetes testing kits and drugs are also increasing. Simultaneously the cost for these supplies is also increasing.

Type 2 Diabetes - Healthy Eyes and The Nutrients That Help Protect Your Vision!

A vast number of diabetics experience eye problems in their lifetime. In fact, eye complications may be considered as one of the most common consequences of having uncontrolled blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. This means that having diabetes puts you at risk for the development of this eye pro

Amazing Diabetics Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast which means breaking from night fast, is the most important meal, and you shouldn't skip especially if you are trying to reverse or cure type 2 diabetes. My post will be exposing you to top 5 diabetics breakfast ideas you can draw in your diabetics diet plan for this month. Based on d

Diabetes Symptoms - Recognizing Them Early

When I was growing up, my mother feared that I had diabetes, I was one of the lucky ones and it passed me by, however my mother was smart to watch for diabetes symptoms.Diabetes Statistics:Approximately 8% of the population in the United States has diabetes.This has increased by over 13% from 2005 t

How to Clean Your Blood Glucose Meter

Glucometers or blood glucose meters are part of a diabetic's life. The meter gives a sugar reading in five seconds, so the diabetic can monitor blood sugar levels. Like all devices, care is needed to maintain proper readings. Cleaning your blood glucose meter is easy.

What Is Insulin

Insulin is coined from the latin word insula which means island. Insulin is a peptide hormone that is found in animals. It is composed of 51 amino acid residues.

Stress and Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes you undoubtedly choose to make a variety of changes in your life in order to stay healthy and keep your blood glucose levels normal. Unfortunately there are a variety of factors that can undermine even your best efforts. One of these factors is stress. Stress and

High Blood Sugar Symptoms - 5 Warning Signs of Diabetes

High blood sugar symptoms and causes explained in easy to understand terms. There are five symptoms generally associated with high blood sugar, as well as a few other warning signs you should be aware of.