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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Kitty White

There is one cat that nearly every childâEUR"and for that matter, a great deal of adultsâEUR"know better than any other cat in the world, and that is Kitty White. Now, the name Kitty White may ...

Fun 4th of July Games For Kids

Independence day is fast approaching and you may be planning a barbecue. Here are some great fourth of July activities for kids to make sure that the day is a blast for them as well.

Plush Pig - Your Child's Best Friend

Children love all kinds of plush animals and the cute adorable plush pig just happens to be one of them. The stuffed pig can be found in all kinds of sizes and for every age.

Ideas for Parental Involvement in Schools

This is your opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns you have about your child. Before you go, think of two or three issues that you want to discuss with the teacher.

Supporting Resiliency Through Good Communication

Resiliency is not one specific thing, but a combination of skills and positive attributes that people gain from their life experiences and relationships. These attributes help them solve problems, cop

Your Child and Sleep

Each child is different. This article explores different sleep patterns for different children.

Effective Ways to Parent Your Children

This articles explores effective ways of parenting today's children.Old techniques may no longer work with children and more pro-active, involved strategies may need to be employed.

A Kinderfeestje (Children's Party) for Special Days

When it comes to kids, the parents leave no stone unturned. They ensure to give them the best and try to fulfill all their wishes and desires. The world of parents revolves around their tiny ...

How to Find Your Strengths As a Parent

One of the most challenging jobs in the world is also the most important job: the intricate art of parenting. When raising children, showing love and security is the structure for parenting. It is also important to keep calm under all circumstances and to use discipline. This adage applies to all pa

The Price of Technology

Studies show that children as young as eight-years of age, who constantly watch violent television are five times more likely to be violent criminals than those who are never exposed.According to the International Police Agency, over the past twenty years every Western nation has experienced a marke

Making Great Baby Food - Five Top Tips

Want to cook your own baby food? These tips will guide you in the right direction. Get going and have fun. Making your own baby food is easy and healthy!

The Chicco Luna Playard Instructions

Parents have many options when choosing where their baby will sleep in when he is born, from cribs and bassinets to playards and cradles. Playards have the benefit of being easily portable and made with durable plastic. The Chicco Lullaby LX playard in the Luna collection also includes a bassinet, c

Baby Breathing Monitors - Protect Your Baby the Right Way!

Baby breathing monitors can be a lifesaver for your new child.There are also some simple steps you can take that greatly reduce your child's risk of SIDS.Don't pass up these helpful tips that are designed to help protect your new baby.

20 Gifts That Give Back to Worthy Causes

Stretch your money to serve two purposes. These gifts give your loved ones something special while giving to worthy causes and others in need.

Tips For Keeping Your Toddler Safe During the Summer Months

By the time your baby is walking, you've probably become quite experienced at knowing what you need to be careful about as far as baby proofing your home. Outdoors however, present much more hazards that you might not be aware of. Especially during the summer months, you need to be very careful

Child Security Now - There is More You Need to Know

Talk to your children about abduction and how this happens. This may be hard for them to understand but it is a real threat as we all know. They will be safer, if they are taught personal safety and to be aware of potential threats. Let them know the dangers, and how to avoid them.

Advantages Of A Schwinn Double Jogging Stroller

Having kids early in marriage and with lesser age difference has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is entirely for you to decide if you can handle a toddler and an infant at the same ...

Energetic Children Are Healthful

A dynamic life means being more nutritious and is one minute thing that is revealed by people in the medicine field recently but collaborating exercising into such a sluggish routine definitely is not artless. In all reality you could feel as if you're opposing the force of wickedness when help