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Growth Habits of Stargazer Lilies

Leslie Woodriff, an independent lily grower and breeder, introduced the Stargazer lily in 1978. The large, skyward-facing 6- to 8-inch blooms give Stargazer its name. These Oriental-type lilies add large splashes of deep crimson pink and white to a garden. Stargazer lilies also make eye-catching add

How to Create Yoga Space

You do not need a spare room in your home to create a yoga space. Just rearrange and adjust the space you currently occupy. Set up a yoga mat in the middle of the living room. If your floor plan is pinched, clean out the corner of your bedroom. Once you start to look around, you will find it is pos

Information on the Best Diets

Finding diets that work is a daunting task that very often doesn't work out in the best interest of the person attempting to lose weight. The prevalence of fad diets that seem to work well for a few weeks, but are impossible to maintain, make it even more important to separate the diets that work fr

What Factors Contribute to Indoor Air Pollution?

Though it's not often recognized as a major health concern, indoor air pollution can actually increase an individual's risk of getting sick. With Americans spending more of their time inside, the cleanliness of the indoor environment is quickly becoming more important. According to the...

How to Have Your Kids Exercise 50 Minutes Per Day

Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. This is especially the case for children. The type of exercise that is appropriate for a child depends on the age of the child. As children grown and develop, they are working on different skills. Exercise helps children to develop their motor skills, p

Effects of Asbestos on the Eyes

Asbestos can cause eye eye image by Ken Marshall from Fotolia.comAsbestos is a group of minerals found in nature and is used as part of many building structures. As a material, it is strong, heat resistant and inexpensive. However, asbestos can be dangerous and has been...

Are Ink Stamps Safe on Skin?

Great for craft projects, scrapbooking and simply for an art class, ink stamps are a staple in almost any younger children's grade-school art-supply drawer. Filled with an array of shapes or characters to choose to stamp with, the ink pads, too, come in a wide variety of colors and scents. With so

Tektite Healing Qualities

Extraterrestrial by nature, tektite is believed by some to provide many healing qualities on both a spiritual and a physical level. From assisting in fertility to healing past trauma, believers say, tektite can even help you to channel information from other cultures and other life forms. Tektite ha

How to Clean a Galvanized Tin Water Can

An old tin water can may exude quaint and old-fashioned charm. When the tin has a galvanized surface, it has a zinc coating applied over the surface to help keep the metal from rusting. If you do not keep a coat of paint over the surface, the zinc coating will wear off and the tin beneath will begin

What Is Organic EMU Oil?

Organic emu oil is fast becoming known as a beneficial oil for many skin and health care uses. The oil comes from the back fat of the native Australian emu bird.

Natural Treatment for Extrinsic Asthma

Extrinsic asthma is a type of breathing disorder brought on by exposure to allergic substances. Causes include food allergies, animal dander, chemicals, dust mites, perfume, feathers, mold, environmental pollutants, tobacco smoke and drugs. Any of these allergens may provoke an asthma attack in an i

How to Cure Sinus Tinnitus

Millions of people today suffer from ear, nose and throat issues due to large numbers of germs and forms of pollution with which we come into contact each and every day. We inhale microscopic germs, bacteria and viruses that filter through our nose and afflict our sinuses and ear tubes. Sinus tinnit

Flash Sterilization Standards

Usually, before medical instruments are used on a patient (e.g. for surgery), hospital staff carry out a detailed and well-documented sterilization process. However, sometimes in an emergency it is necessary to forgo this somewhat lengthy process and "flash sterilize" the instruments quickly. As thi

Diets for Carbohydrate Lovers

Diet books often blame high-carbohydrate diets for weight gain, but a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that women who follow a diet that is low in fat and high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains actually lose weight. Proponents of high-carbohydrate die

How Do Cells Use Foods High in Protien for Energy?

Protein ComponentsProtein is a material that's used to build and repair every area of the body. It plays a vital role in cell metabolism and growth. This material is made up of strings of amino acid molecules that form to make the large complex protein molecules. With 20 different types...

What Kills Grape Flea Beetles?

The grape flea beetle, or "Altica chalybea," is native to North America and an agricultural pest. In summer, adults and larvae feed on leaves, but during winter, adults attack buds of grapevines and other plants, which causes the most serious damage to vineyards. The grape flea beetle has enlarged h

Kidney Problem Treatment Products

Numerous problems and diseases affect the kidneys and require medical treatment. Treatments range from the use of herbal supplements, over-the-counter medications and in serious cases treatment includes surgery and kidney dialysis. The different types of kidney problems require different methods of