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How to Draw a Cereal Bowl

Most cereal bowls are simple without any lips or depressions on the surface of the bowl. Unlike a sushi or dipping bowl, they are typically half as tall as they are wide and fit fully around a human hand. The most difficult part of drawing a cereal bowl is creating the realistic three-dimensional pe

Experiments With Alternate Currents

Use AC current to show the volume of speakers changes based on current phase.golden speakers image by Nicemonkey from Fotolia.comAC refers to alternating current. Many concepts are specific to AC current. In order to perform these experiments, you do not need a special AC generator; AC...

How to Make a Simple Crystal or Diode Radio

One of the best ways to understand and teach science is to produce simple, working models of the technology that surrounds us. Transmitting and capturing radio waves not only transmits audio, but also carries the signal for television and wifi. However, understanding how radio waves carry sound is t

The Fumigation Industry

Fumigation is used by pest control companies to get rid of termites and infestations of other pests. Fumigation involves using poisonous gases to kill pests, and the process is widely used in agriculture to kill pests that destroy crops. Fumigation is part of the pest control industry.

How to Convert to Grayscale in ImageMagick

Mogrify, the command line component in the free image editing software ImageMagick, allows you to convert any color image file to grayscale by typing a short command in the Windows command prompt. Using this feature, you can convert a color photo in any of the more than 100 image formats that ImageM

How to Predict Chemical Formulas

Atoms unite to form molecules by means of available electrons. Bonds can form by electron transfer or by electron sharing. Many chemical bonds are intermediate between those two. Elements combine in definite proportions peculiar to the atoms involved. Formulas can be predicted, but there are pitfall

Model Train Games

You can build railways and run complex train lines with your mouse.mouse image by Bosko Martinovic from Fotolia.comModel trains are a classic hobby, allowing you to create a miniature world and the rail line that connects it all. With the advent of the personal computer, model trains have...

How to Make a Piñata

Making a piñata can be an enjoyable afternoon activity--almost as fun as breaking it open to get the candy inside. It doesn't take much work to create a piñata--just a balloon, some liquid starch, and pretty tissue paper to name a few things needed.

What Are the Seven Wonders of the Earth?

The Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) is one of the seven wonders of the Earth.aurora borealis image by Moritz Frei from Fotolia.comThere are a handful of lists that contain various wonders of the world in their myriad of forms. In the beginning, the original seven wonders of the...

Wood Carving Finishing Techniques

One of the worst things that can happen to a carver is to spend hours on a carving, only to ruin it when applying a finish. There are many methods of finishing a carving that work well, but eventually you may want to experiment to find what works best for you. Always try techniques on a scrap piece

How to Find Used Shotguns for Sale

Used shotguns for sale are pretty much available anywhere that is licensed to sell firearms and they are one of the most traded commodities in the gun world making them really easy to find. Looking for used shotguns for sale is a smart money saving idea compared to buying a new shotgun and without

How do I Build a Bulb LED Replacement?

A C battery-powered flashlight uses an incandescent bulb to project light. The incandescent bulb can be replaced with an LED diode which will not only draw less power from the batteries, but will also be more durable than the glass bulb. To build the LED diode bulb socket, you'll physically and perm

Classroom Activities for a Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is the movement of thermal energy from one object to another from a concentration of high temperature to a concentration of low temperature. It occurs through three processes including conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is the transfer of heat when highly charged atoms vi

An Introduction to Astronomy

You don't have to be a scientist to enjoy astronomy. The basics are easy to learn, and you can apply them to your own stargazing. The sun, the moon, the planets and the stars are all available for observation in your own backyard.

How to Identify Antique Sterling Silver Baby Spoon

Silver baby spoons are a traditional gift for a newborn baby. Owners of these spoons often cherish them throughout their lifetime before passing them on to loved ones after they die. Spoon collectors may acquire silver baby spoons to commemorate significant events in their lives, other than the birt

How to Charge a Gum Zapper

A gum zapper is a device that squirts a chemical on gum that is stuck to carpet or another surface. The chemical dissolves the gum so the zapper can quickly and easily clean it up. A hand-held gum zapper runs off a battery that needs to be charged before you can use the device to clean up any gum. I

The Specs for the Hypertherm Powermax 380

The Hypertherm Powermax 380 is a plasma cutter, a tool that combines a high voltage of electricity with gas to create plasma. It is used for cutting conductive metals like steel and aluminum. Knowing the Powermax 380's specifications will allow you to accurately compare it to other plasma cutting to

3 Ways to Stop Global Warming

Global warming is a debate that is split between those that believe that humanity is to blame and those that believe that the earth has been in a warming trend since long before the Industrial Revolution, making mankind at most only a contributor to the warming trend. Regardless of which you believe

How to Make a Coin Purse Out of Juice Containers

Paper waste is a big problem for the environment. Millions of pounds of paper waste goes into landfills, releasing chemicals and toxins that can harm ecosystems. If you are passionate about the environment and want to pass some of that passion along to your kid, then why not turn something that is u

Wood Projects Using Poles

Wooden poles come in many diameters and lengths. They can be used to construct buildings and bridges or more novel items that decorate a yard or landscape. You can find free woodworking plans online or get out your drafting pencils to create your own. Projects range in size from large pole barns to