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How to Caulk Cellar Doors

Cellar doors lead to the entrance of the lowermost portion of a home, usually a basement below ground level. Whether used as a storage space or otherwise, a cellar door still requires insulation from leaks, drafts and contamination. Accomplish this by caulking the exposed seams and gaps in the door.

How to Install Copper Tiles

Copper tile and ceramic tile have similar benefits in many areas, but copper wins out when it comes to ease of installation. Copper tiles can be used for flooring, back splashes, on the wall or as a tub surround. They're thin and light, making them easy to install. The tiles can be cut with a paper

House Siding Guide

Siding can be used to protect a home from moisture and weather as well as to give the house a decorative touch. That decorative aspect of siding is provided to you courtesy of a number of different types of materials. Choosing the appropriate material to match the style of your house can go a long w

How Long Do You Acclimate Hard Wood?

It's a good idea to give hardwood flooring time to breathe and regulate to your home's conditions prior to installation. Hardwood naturally expands and contracts to adjust for changing environmental conditions. Unless you provide time for hardwood to acclimate to its new environment, it will continu

How to Build a Mister for a Swimming Pool

A mister is a device that sprays out a fine mist of water from a series of points along a tube. A process called flash evaporation that occurs during misting can dramatically reduce air temperature, making summer heat more bearable. To build a mister for a swimming pool is a simple process, as you c

How to Install a Hardibacker in a Shower

If you're planning to install new tile in your old shower---and the shower walls are just drywall or plaster---this is the time to install cement backerboard. This a type of very hard, waterproof building material that looks and installs like drywall, but is much more suitable for use in wet environ

How to Fix Bubbling in Laminate Countertops

There are two kinds of bubbling that can happen with laminate, and only one of them is reparable. If a hot object like a frying pan was placed on the laminate and it created small blisters in the surface, there is no cure besides replacing the laminate or the whole countertop. If the laminate has la

How to Rent a Floor Nailer

A special type of nail gun designed to quickly nail down floorboards, the floor nailer is not a commonly owned tool in the home improvement kit. When you're laying floorboards, renting a floor nailer provides a cheap alternative to buying your own nailer, and it allows you to work much fast

Wood Epoxy Filler & Termite Damage

Along with wood hardening products, wood epoxy filler can partially restore the appearance and structural stability of damaged lumber. If wood damage is the result of termite infestation, homeowners should ensure that the termite population is controlled or eliminated prior to repairing wood. When r

What to Measure When Redoing a Kitchen

The old adage "Measure twice, cut once" is essentially a way of saying "Make your preparations carefully so you don't have to redo the job." This is especially true when you plan on redoing your kitchen; there are several measurements you will have to take into account when remodeling to ensure that

Can You Put Large Area Rugs Over Worn Wall to Wall Carpet?

When homeowners are dealing with outdated, torn, or stained wall-to-wall carpeting, they often turn to large area rugs for an easy and cost-effective fix. Available in many designs, sizes, and shapes, area rugs offer several practical advantages that can make their use over worn wall-to-wall carpeti

Tips on Moving Single Wide Mobile Homes

The single-wide mobile home is meant to be moved (hence the mobile in its name) and usually has been transported to it's original location fully or mostly constructed. When moving a single-wide, however, there are certain tips and tricks that will make the whole process go more smoothly so nothing i

Buying Rough Saw Lumber in Michigan

Rough saw lumber is lumber that has been cut down, brought to the saw mill, and cut. Rough saw lumber hasn't been dressed or planed and it is usually still green. Rough sawed lumber is used when making cupboards, cabinets and floors that require a rustic look. More and more porches and patios are be

How to Replace Sliding Glass Door Directions

Sliding glass doors are commonly installed for easy access to the backyard. Glass doors may need to be replaced when broken or removed to switch directions. For your door to switch directions, it must have a track that is as large as the entire width of the bottom of the door. If not, reversing the

What Is the Cause of Uneven Floors?

Uneven floors can cause a number of problems in a home, such as a hardwood floor where the furniture cannot sit level, or a polished marble floor that shows off unseemly shadows due to high and low spots. There are a number of reasons why a floor can be uneven, and while some of the problems can be

How to Fix Hardwood Floors That Are Separating

Hardwood flooring expands and contracts with climate changes, which can cause gapping in the middle of the floor over the years. It may be tempting to simply fill those gaps with wood putty or some other material, but the problem is, that gap isn’t likely to stay at the same size. Since those

Crown Molding Alternatives

Crown molding is a beautiful addition to any room, and it is available in a wide variety of materials, each of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Any crown molding installation begins with a careful selection of not only style and color, but also what it's made of. Your choice will depen

Beckett Oil Burner Specs

Oil burners serve as the mechanical process of burning the oil in a heating appliance such as a furnace. Beckett produces a number of models of different specifications and capacities. Beckett oil burners are used in off-peak heating and electric heat-to-oil conversion. Utilizing a Beckett oil burne

How to Make an L-Shaped Bunk Bed

An L-shaped bunk bed arrangement combines the extra floor space of a loft with the flexibility of more traditional beds. The best way to put one together is to actually build two beds: a loft and a regular bed. That way you can rearrange the beds in relation to each other as circumstances dictate. T