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How to Take Care of Slate Tile

Slate floor tiles are found in many homes and businesses. The tile provides a strong and highly durable floor surface that is a permanent fixture in the home. Since you have invested in a permanent flooring option, it is important to care for the slate tile in a way that keeps it looking brand new f

How to Repair a Microwave Appliance

A microwave oven is used by many households around the world. It is one of the fastest ways to get food hot and ready to eat. It saves time and is a convenient appliance for those who are busy and on the run. When a microwave stops working or is giving you problems, it can be one of many reasons. It

How to Clean Metals With Household Products

Many commercial metal cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and can cause severe skin irritation should you come into contact with them. In most cases, such products are unnecessary. You can do the job nearly as easily and far more safely with harmless everyday hous

Homemade Remedies for Cleaning Grout

Grout can become gray and dingy if not cleaned properly.Boden image by Milosz Bartoszczuk from Fotolia.comGrout is routinely used to fill up spaces and cracks between tiles, sealing the surface. Grout needs to be cleaned just as often as tile or it can become moldy, mildewy and dirty....

How to Pressure Wash Concrete

Pressure washing is a great way to clean the grunge and grime from concrete driveways, pathways and patios. By using a pressure washer properly, you'll eliminate ugly oil stains and the danger that someone will slip on slick dirt or muck.

How to Get Cigarette Smoke Out of Leather

Leather material can absorb odors, especially cigarette smoke odors. You are then left with a cigarette smell in your car, couch or jacket. Removing the smoke odor does not require special leather cleaners. As long as you use the correct methods, common household items can sufficiently get rid of th

Natural Cleaning Products for Use in Hard Water

Natural household products can be used to remove hard water stains.laundry image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comHard water creates additional cleaning problems. Hard water has a high percentage of dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. These minerals combine with soil on...

How to Use Gel for a Fireplace

Although the warm ambiance a fire creates is the ideal backdrop for everything from a romantic evening at home to a quiet family game night, you don't need a traditional wood-burning fireplace to create the atmosphere you enjoy. Wood-burning fireplaces draw air out of a room, leaving the room cool a

How to Detect Mold in the Air

If you have mold in the air that circulates in your home, it can cause a plethora of serious health problems, including allergies, skin rashes, nausea and neurological disorders. Because air mold spores cannot be detected by the natural eye, you can be experiencing these symptoms not knowing that mo

Home Remedy for Cleaning Upholstery

Routine use of the furniture in your house results in stained upholstery, including stains from food and dirty hands. Products around your house, including dish soap and hydrogen peroxide are suitable for cleaning the upholstery and removing those stains.

How to Clean White Classic Slip on Vans

Classic white slip-on Vans shoes look great when they are brand new. However, over time they can easily become stained, dirty and discolored from routine use and wear. Frequent cleaning and washing can keep your shoes looking new and clean. Vans can be washed using a washing machine or by hand.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

Pet accidents are common in pet-friendly homes but can leave behind carpet stains and unattractive odors when not cleaned properly. While many retail products are designed to clean pet messes and carpet stains, these items can be expensive and contain harsh chemicals that can harm your family and yo

How to Clean Acetone From Hardwood

Acetone and hardwood flooring are not a good mix. Acetone is a strong solvent that damages a wood finish, leaving it vulnerable to other injury, such as rot from water exposure. If you spill acetone on hardwood, the best thing to do is clean it up and protect the wood again.

How to Replace a Flow Temperature Switch on the IntelliChlor IC20

Electrolytic chlorine generation is a method of water sanitation for swimming pools. The IntelliChlor line of chlorine generators from Pentair is popular with consumers because of their user-friendly automated features. Even the most dependable device requires maintenance and occasional repair, howe

How to Remove Molding From a Window Jamb

Moldings serve multiple purposes. To the average home owner they appear to be decorative elements. Ask any carpenter, and he will tell you their primary function is to cover ugly gaps and hold things in place more securely. Window casing is a prime example. Without it you would spend your days looki

How to Dissipate the Smell of Paint

A fresh coat of paint covers the walls of the living room, but you can't stay to enjoy it. The smell from the paint is overwhelming, requiring you to remove the odor from the room. The amount of time it takes to remove the smell depends on the type of paint. To speed up the process, open the windows

How to Bleach Parts of Your Jeans White

Many modern jeans have a faded look. To achieve a similar look at home with your jeans, bleach parts of them. This makes the jeans look like they have started to wear out so much in certain spots that the color is fading out of them. Bleaching your own jeans is cheaper than buying pre-faded jeans fr

How to Clean Tile Floors That Have a Yellow Film

A variety of easy-care floor tile is available on the market that has no need for waxing and regular stripping. Unfortunately, old habits die hard and many homeowners use products on these no-wax tiles that create a thick yellow film, making the floor appear soiled and unattractive. Usually this fil

How to Remove Mildew From Bathroom Walls

Mildew spores are responsible for the slimy green or yellow residue on your bathroom walls. The spores can also leave an unpleasant musty odor in your bathroom. Mildew growth is normal for most homeowners, especially in humid climates. Because mildew spores love water and hate air circulation, the b