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How to Remove a Wheel Off a Ranch King Riding Mower

The Ranch King, manufactured by MTD, is a basic riding lawn tractor equipped with a mower deck. The mower utilizes cotter pin assembly for its wheel hub. This makes the process of removing the wheels form the mower relatively easy. If you must replace a tire on the wheel, you can take the wheel off

Tips to Start Landscaping Business

Do trees and plants interest you? Have you always liked gardens and landscapes? Are you planning to start a landscaping business? Do you know the benefits of starting such a business? Do you want some ...

A World of Options - Planting Your Bamboo Garden!

There are as many types of bamboo plants to choose from for your garden as there are uses for the plant itself. Over 1000 species of bamboo in 90 genera have been described and named and there may well be varieties waiting to be discovered.

How to Make a Moat to Keep Ants Out of Hummingbird Feeders

If you feed hummingbirds, you know that the nectar can attract ants like the proverbial flies to honey. The ants climb down the feeder's hanging wire and down the side of the feeder, then feast on the sugar water at the feeder ports. You may have seen hummingbirds dive-bombing the feeder in an attem

Understanding And Preparing For Irrigation

Two things are responsible for adequate vegetable and flower production: good, nutritional soil and an adequate supply of water. We are always dealing with soil amendments, sometimes neglecting to tell you that it's moisture that will be delivering those nutrients to the root system of your pla

Sprinkler System for Irrigation

Water is essential to plants. It carries important nutrients from the soil and is an important trigger for germination and the process of photosynthesis. Without water, plants simply won't grow. Irrigation systems provide water. When ...

The Stone Fireplace

In the past fire places designs were very traditional, and usually comprised the same material and same basic building plan, this made most of the fire places to look the same and feel the same in any given room. In the last 20 years there have been enormous changes to this market.

How to Use a Thatch Rake

Thatch occurs when plant material builds up on the surface of your lawn. While some thatch is a good thing, too much will eventually kill your lawn by starving it of oxygen and nutrients. If your lawn is brown underneath a green surface--or if it looks dead when you mow--you may need to thatch. If y

How to Speed Up Decomposition in a Compost Pile

Composting is the process of decomposition that turns kitchen scraps and yard waste into highly nutritive organic matter. Compost is used as a mulch and soil amendment in landscaping and gardening. It may take months or years for materials to break down into suitable compost, especially if you are u

How to Compost at Fish Hatcheries

Compost is material rich in nutrients, particularly nitrates, which helps a plant or garden to grow faster. Fish hatcheries produce a large amount of nitrates in their operation, be it from fish feces, fish corpses or the sludge in the water. All of these can be used to form a type of compost. Altho

How to Bait and Kill Slugs

Would you like to learn how to kill slugs? Killing slugs is the only way to keep them from laying eggs and reproducing in your garden. Commercial slug baits are one solution, and here are several other ways to kill slugs in your garden.

Lattice Fence Ideas

Lattice is a great material to use for many different fencing ideas. Lattice is available in unfinished wood and vinyl. The vinyl lattice is available in white and several other colors. Vinyl lattice can last many years longer than the wood. Both types can be cut to fit any application and nailed or

Patio Furniture Clearance Sales Year Round

If you've ever tried to get the patio furnishings of your dreams during the short spring and summer selling season, then you know how hard it can be. The pickings at your neighborhood store can be downright slim. And even if you do find the perfect piece, it can cost you an arm and a leg. Howev

How to Lay New Sod

Sod comes from farms that plant and raise turfgrass, which is cut using specialized machinery into long strips that are loaded onto pallets then shipped to either retail outlets or directly to customers. Sod is the equivalent of instant grass. There is no need to prep your soil for seed and babysit

Herb Garden Design - 3 Methods of Preserving Your Bounty

Benefits of an herb garden design are having fresh herbs available for cooking. But what do you do once winter comes? Preserving your herbs will enable you to continue to enjoy your herbs during the cold winter months.

How to Get Moss Out of Your Lawn

On the face of a majestic rock, green moss is beautiful. Moss is soft and fuzzy, and it looks right at home in nature. But when moss takes root in your lawn, it becomes a different story. If left untreated, moss can choke out the grass and make your yard look less appealing. You can kill moss in you

You Can Have a Dog and a Beautiful Lawn Too, With Synthetic Grass

Any dog owner can tell you: dogs and grass do not mix. You love your four-legged friend more than anything in the world, but you probably don't love the muddy spots, yellow grass, trails and bare spots he or she leaves on your lawn. But now, you can have your cake and eat it too, or in other wo

A Snake in Your Amazing Blades

For over 10 years, Amazing Blades Landscaping has specialized in making the outside of your home or commercial property look and feel perfect. But being outdoors sometimes means you have to share your perfect little ...

Safety Tips for Your Next Backyard Gathering

It is so important to me when having a backyard gathering that my guests are safe. Most of our guests have little kids. I don't want them to have to spend the entire time worrying ...

Creative Outdoor Decoration Furniture Tips

Over the winter months our patios and backyards really take a battering. Now that the cold days are numbered, it's time to plan what work we are going to do to them to get them ready for the summer.