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How to Convert Fluorescent Recessed to Low Incandescent

Fluorescent recessed lighting is commonly used in business offices. Due to the increasing demand for living units in downtown areas, some developers have elected to convert business offices to residential apartments and condominiums. For this type of conversion, fluorescent recessed lighting can be

How to Make Victorian Copper Garden Art

Wealthy Victorians took great pride in their gardens, according to Meijer Gardens. The most wealthy had glass conservatory greenhouses full of exotic tropical plants. Victorians also loved opulence like garden decorations. Glass and metal were at a premium, so wealthy Victorians enjoyed showing off

How to Properly Dispose of Styrofoam Containers

Styrofoam, or polystyrene, is a synthetic material that protects mailed or shipped objects from damage, insulates and serves as disposable containment. However, styrofoam is not easy or efficient to recycle. Disposing of Styrofoam containers properly is important for protecting the environment and w

How to Glue Materials Onto Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal can be used for different purposes. For example, duct systems are often made of galvanized metal that is actually glued together. Additionally, you can use galvanized sheet metal for a number of different types of home improvement projects. If your project involves attaching any oth

What Is Chewing Up My Sunflowers?

The biggest threat to sunflowers in the home garden is birds, who love the seeds and may damage the flowers with their scavenging. Common insect pests include aphids and other leaf sucking insects, as well as flea beetles, sunflower beetles and thistle caterpillars. Most of these pests can be contro

Home Security - Safety Of Beloved Ones & Belongings

No society in the world is crimeless. It gives rise to concept of home security. Well before probing deep into the matter, enlisting of crimes' causes will make us realize the induction of home security approach. Unemployment, Economical Widening Gaps, Anarchy, Lawlessness, Social Deterioration

Different Types of Firewood

There are several types of firewood for both indoor and outdoor image by Fotocie from Fotolia.comThose who enjoy cozy fires in the fireplace in the wintertime or simply love to spend time around outdoor bonfires may not be aware that there are many different types of...

Save Home From Burglars through Home Security System

The first priority of every person is to have a safe home to live-in. We try to choose such location which is free from all kinds of burglaries and thefts. This is because everyone wants ...

Purchasing A High Security Deadbolt

If you want to keep your house and your belongings secure, then you have to install a system that will deter the intruders. It will be important to get the right kind of high security ...

Termite Behavior & Ink Trails

Termites establish and live in colonies ranging in size from hundreds to millions of individual insects. They create messages and relay them through a colony using pheromones -- odorous chemicals that help termites coordinate all aspects of life within the colony.

Avalanche Snow Removal

It's the nightmare every backcountry skier hopes to avoid, but if you or one of your companions is caught in an avalanche and buried, your chances of surviving are 92 percent if you are found and dug out within 15 minutes, but only 30 percent if you are found within 35 minutes, according to data fro

Hiding Cameras in Your House - Basics of Hidden Cameras

If you are considering hiding a camera in your home, you're not alone. Many parents and homeowners may decide to hide hidden cameras to keep an eye on their babysitter, their housekeeper, or to catch someone vandalizing their property.

How Much Energy Is Used for Lighting in Houses?

Lighting costs make up a significant portion of home energy bills. You can limit the amount of energy you spend on lighting with energy-efficient products and effective home lighting practices.

How to Set the Timer on a Kenmore Oven

When you're baking something in an oven, timing can be crucial. Delicious cookies can turn into inedible charred disks if left in the oven for too long. Instead of relying on your memory, sense of smell or a visit from the fire department to know when to remove the food from the oven, you might want

Self Defense - The Use of Taser Guns

The use of Taser guns is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, self defense methods employed today. Crime rates are still relatively high in different countries so different institutions have tried to find an effective way to lessen it. Among the most effective tool developed to help imp

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

Use natural methods to get rid of bugs.Life On White/Photodisc/Getty ImagesBugs become annoying pests when they infiltrate your home. While your instinctual reaction may be to buy an insecticide, these bug repellents contain dangerous chemicals that can put you, your family and household...

Various Kinds Of Side Zip Boots For Men

Men feel shy wearing side zip boots as they are given a smooth and sleek style. However, these boots are presently quite in fashion and are being worn by majority. These boots are obtainable in various styles offering both comfort and style.