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Samsung i8910 Omnia - the real jewel

Samsung i8910 Omnia is one of the best handsets one may have today in the market. It suits everyone's requirement and that is the reason why it has become a fad of the day. The ...

Review: BlackBerry Traffic

This post is a review of RIM's BlackBerry Traffic app. This is a review of BlackBerry Traffic. This post reviews BlackBerry Traffic. BlackBerry Traffic is reviewed in this post.

Ringtonize Your Cellphone

Searching for Cell phone Ring tones? Make your own and download it free to your phone ringtones without paying a single penny.

Nokia C6 - An Effective Entertainment Device

The Nokia has recently released one of its later Smartphones, the Nokia C6. This comes with all the features you'd expect from modern Smartphone and utilises the combination of both touch screen navigation and a full QWERTY keyboard for efficiency of entering text.

LG Shine - Behold the Beauty!

Stunning, sophisticated and mesmerizing, these are the few words that crosses your mind when you take a look at the LG shine. The launch of this device was welcomed with a lot of speculations (since it was coming after the stupendous success of LG chocolate), but soon the speculation turned into app

Bulk SMS Software a Boon For Professionals

If you are a doctor, lawyer, sales executive, fitness trainer, or for that matter any other professional and still use your phone to send SMS's related to work then it's time you spend the next few minutes reading this article. This article explains why do you need a Bulk SMS software and

Samsung M8800 Pixon - A Unique Handset With Strong Features

Samsung is one of the very reputed brands of the world. The mobile phones from Samsung are known for the high-end features and great performance. This is why these phones are having a good share in both international and domestic market. One of the most famous handsets from this company is the Samsu

How to Tell When a Motorola Bluetooth Headset Is Charged

The Motorola Bluetooth headset does not display how much battery power is remaining on the rechargeable coin-cell battery. This can make it difficult to gauge how much talk time is remaining and when to charge the battery. However, the unit does feature a charging indicator light, which illuminates

The LG GT 540 is Sure to Impress Social Networkers

Released in January 2010, LG's GT 540 continues to fuel the brand's reputation for producing sleek, stylish, high-tech handsets. The GT 540 is certainly no exception, with a simplistic appearance, yet is packed with features.

LG Chocolate Tutorial

The LG Chocolate features a slide design with touch-sensitive keys. The touch keys on the outside of the phone allow for navigation when the keypad is closed. The Chocolate requires minimal setup out of the box -- assembly, charging and activating your voicemail are easy to accomplish. The Chocolate

Mobile Phone Deals: Adding Extra Benefits To Your Money

Purchasing a gadget is not a big thing, but buying it with any of the useful mobile phone deals is the big as well as the good thing. These plans are even getting huge popularity among the modern enthusiasts.

A Simple Guide Of How To Enter Text Using Your iPhone

Using the keyboard on your iPhone can take sometime to get used too, but once you have practiced you are able to utilize the functions that can be used to create email, messages and browse the internet. In this simple guide we look at how to utilize the keyboard more efficiently.

How to Quickly Use a Cell Phone Lookup

Cell phone lookups become more popular everyday, as do cell phones themselves. Here's how to quickly and easily use a cell phone lookup to find information about an unknown number.

How to Transfer Songs to a Cell Phone Memory Chip

A memory chip or SD card is used to save files to electronic devices, such as cell phones, digital cameras and camcorders. SD cards range in size from 512MB to 36GB. Many of the newer MP3-style cell phones come with SD cards, which enable you to download additional songs to your handset without usi

Sony Ericcson K770i - The 'Photo Phone

Sony Ericsson K770i is in every way a photographer's phone. The camera phone with its illuminated icons is at your service from the very moment you opt for its camera provision. With its auto focus camera facility, the handset is sure to make you immensely proud of your photographic sense.