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How to create a professional model portfolio

Breaking into the industry of modeling can be a difficult but rewarding task once completed. You have to make the best choices from choosing the right modeling agency to which photographer to work with. A ...

The Specifications for a Nikon N90s

The Nikon N90 was produced from 1992 to 2001. There were two models of this versatile film camera, the N90 and the N90s. The N90s is the later release of the N90 body and featured significant improvements and finer controls for professionals.

Digital Single Lens Reflex or Point-And-Shoot Digital Camera?

What are the advantages of the digital single lens reflex camera over a point-and-shoot digital camera? There are advantages and disadvantages of both styles of digital cameras. Which type of camera is better suited to to your type of photography?

Four Tips For Great Sports Photography

Many of us attend sporting events all the time, but are too slow to take those shots that newspapers love. Find out how to grab the best snaps with these handy hints!

How to Make a Time-Lapse Video With Your Digital Video Camera

Getting the most out of your digital video camera can mean being able to create some really cool stuff. You just have to step outside the manual a bit and find the cool things you can do with your digital video camera and your editing software. Well let's look at two methods of creating some co

How to Remove the Shadows From Behind a Portrait Subject

Any light source will cast a shadow behind your subject (assuming there's something there for the shadow to be cast onto). Perhaps you've noticed this before in flash pictures--a dark shadow behind your subject? Aren't they just awful?

Don't Read This If You Already Have a Digital Camera

If you happen to already have a digital camera that does everything you want it to, then there's really no need to read much further. This article is really about what to look for when shopping for digital cameras. Specifically in the online world. And what some of the latest and upcoming techn

How to Take Photographs That Sell

If you sell online, your photograph is usually the only thing that can turn a browser into a buyer. Therefore, it is essential to upload the very best photograph possible.

Bringing in light the wedding photographers Perth

Wedding! This term simply puts a lot of thrill and excitement into one's imagination. This is so, because wedding to each and every one of us is a special day filled with lots of planning,

How to Blur Waterfall Photography

Waterfalls are naturally beautiful and can make excellent subjects for photography. When shooting a waterfall, you can either freeze the water to make it look like it has stopped in time; or you can make the waterfall look like it does in real life and blur the falling water. The simplest way to ach

List of Microstock Photography Sites

A list of Microstock Photography Sites you might like apart from the websites that I had mentioned in my previous post. Here is the list:

Proaim Kit-20(C) pack

The Proaim Kit 20(C) is one of the most advanced camera shoulder rig available today. This kit includes everything that will make your shooting experience a memorable and perfect one.

Prairie Style Home Plans Renaissance - Simple Home Plans

Exterior spaces such as decks, patios, and porches permit the house to engage its natural environment, so in nice weather living spills easily outside and back in. Other architectural details associated with simple home design ...