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Oh to Be Anonymous, Dear JK Rowling

Authoring sensation JK Rowling seems to have written a brand new work of fiction. Written under the identity of first-time author Robert Galbraith, the novel €The Cuckoo's Calling€ had received almost no coverage from its ...

A House Can Be a Home As Kathleen McCleary Shows in Her First Novel

House and Home is about Ellen Flanagan's marriage, which is at the heart of the story that lives in this charming yellow Cape Cod home in Oregon. Ellen's years of loyalty to her husband Sam has led them all over the country to follow his dream of inventing THE next best discovery for manki

True Love Poems: Words for Feelings

Love stories. True love poems. I love you poems. The world over, people fall in love. And the world over, people feel the need to put the feeling into words.

Animal Farm - George Orwell - Review Summary Notes

Animal Farm is one of the two greatest works of George Orwell, the other being 1984. Animal Farm makes satirical allegories of the totalitarian communism of Soviet Russia. The novel is regarded as one of the all-time bests ever written by any author.

Theodore Boone - Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Just like other famous writers such as Susan Straight, Francine Prose and Carl Hiasssen, John Grisham has also turned his attention towards the younger readers as his target audience. The legal thriller Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is targeted towards readers between 9 and 12 years of age, an age grou

To Write Poetry is to Live!

To write poetry is to live! When I'm stuck in traffic, writing is out of the question...

Affirmations Don't Work, and How I Finally Got That They Do!

Doing affirmations right is tricky stuff, do it wrong and you're wasting your time. I wanted it to be true that I could just put out into the world the way I wanted to experience life, and I tried everything I could find. Nothing worked; I couldn't feel it, and I couldn't visualize it

Walk the Pathway to Spirituality, By: Paul Anthony Cooper - Book Review

Author Paul Anthony Cooper wants people to seek and listen to the "Christ within" and with his recent work on spirituality Walk the Pathway to Spirituality: How to find the still small voice and open the door to the spiritual he not only shares his journey towards enlightenment but also gi

Nothing to Hide

In Houston's Homicide Division, a detective by the name of March desires to solve the latest murder. A gruesome dismembered body, laid in a particular manner on a basketball court with a finger pointing in a direction leads one investigator to wonder if the missing parts are deposited in that d

What Is The Classic Detective Fiction Novel?

Among good reads, the classic detective fiction novel should come in somewhere near the top, mixed with various other genres. Such collections as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is still a good seller and can be found at nearly any bookstore due to the still common popularity. Such readers may occ

Review of How to Win the Pools Using Blueprint7 Fixed-Odds Betting

We all dream of winning the pools, but how many of us have actually won anything worth shouting about?Well there is hope yet. For to my surprise far from just ticking random numbers on a pools slip, there is a more precise way that takes out all that guessing, its called Fixed-Odds Pools?

Writing a Book Review Outline

A book review [] does not only tell the readers whether or not you enjoyed a story and would recommend them to read the book but also it will give readers essential information about the ...

Wine of Violence by Priscilla Royal

Priscilla Royal's first novel featuring Prioress Eleanor of Wynethorpe, is beautifully written and is rich with details of the thirteenth century.The young prioress is faced with a brutal murder the day after she arrives at the remote priory of Tyndal.She must use her wit and intelligence to fi

The Dragon's Journey by Duy Long Nguyen and James Knight

HarperCollins first published 'The Dragon's Journey', by Duy Long Nguyen and James Knight, in 2004. As a 5 year old Duy Long Nguyen (Longy) saw the death and destruction of the Vietnam war. When a teen, he ruled the streets of Saigon, and after escaping Vietnam on a boat he started a

The Chameleons

A literary review of two classic novel. A compare and contrast piece focused on sexuality.

Book Review - The Day I Turned Uncool by Dan Zevin

Dan Zevin has a laid-back and easy way of writing.His writing style makes for a fun, quick read due to the face that the book is only 172 pages long.Zevin covers topics that nearly everyone experiences as we get older, making this book applicable to everyone who is starting to feel like a grown-up.N