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Green Architecture Schools

Green architectureGreen evolution image by Vojsek from Fotolia.comGreen architecture is a specialized niche in the industry of design and construction. As our country moves toward a more sustainable future, the need for green architecture is increasingly important. Most architecture...

Best residential schools always focus on technology

Technology is prevailing in every aspect of our life today. Schools are also not an exception to it. Every school is trying to adopt the new methodologies and getting equipped with the revolutionary c

How do I Use Fortune Cookies to Teach Algebra?

Fortune cookies can provide not only a snack for students but also a creative way to teach lessons, such as algebra. Fortune cookies have a sheet of paper inside them, typically containing a "fortune." In lieu of a fortune, include a math equation, a question or a value for "X." This can give studen

CNA Schools in Arkansas

Aspiring CNAs have a variety of educational options in Arkansas.Nurse image by Maria Bell from Fotolia.comCertified nursing assistants (CNAs) are entry-level health care professionals that provide basic nursing care in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, long-term-care...

The Disadvantages of Computer Games in Education

Computers are ubiquitous in education. Most schools have some sort of computer program for students; it can include a laptop for every student in grade 4 and higher, sophisticated computer labs on school campuses, and computer networks. There are some disadvantages of using computer games in educati

An Online Medical Degree Can Offer More Options Than Ever Before

The new Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that was instituted in early December likely caused a good deal of excitement amongst nutritionists and pediatricians everywhere. The bill boosted funding for healthy school lunch initiatives all over ...

Basic Information About Genetic Code, DNA and Epigenetic

Gene determines the code which contains detailed information from which organism of multiple complexity is built. Modification of DNA in chromosome without altering genetic code but which persists through one or more cellular generation is called epigenetic.

Secrets of Passing the Online MBA Exam

Do you need to take the online MBA exam and you are wondering how you can possibly pass the course to get the certified MBA that you need to get where you want to go in life? The secrets of passing an

Successful Thought Leadership for Businesses

Thought leadership is a strategy to establish a business as a leader in its domain. Businesses would demonstrate this by using their experience to advise how things can be made simpler and better with


The NCLEX exam is a standardized test designed to measure a nurse's understanding of nursing policy, procedures and academic grounding. The intials NCLEX stand for "National Councils Licensure Exam--Registered Nurse." The multiple-choice exam is given several times a year and is graded by computer.

Shark Conservation Act

To aid in shark conservation and demonstrate the importance of sharks to the U.S., the Shark Conservation Act was introduced in 2009, and signed into law in 2011. It is estimated that over 70 million sharks are killed annually, many just for their fins. The Shark Conservation Act is supposed to prev

Children’S Nursery in Dubai

It can be tornting to know that your little will be attending school and preparing them and yourself for the big leap in life can start early. There are many activities that you can do ...

Hills Urban Sprawl in Guwahati City

The importance of Guwahati (earlier known as Pratyanta Kamrup and then Pragjyotishpur) has prevailed for ages as it enjoyed certain distinct advantages over other ancient settlements like it was alway

Journals on School Administration

Administrators lead the educational team in schools and universities. Journals on school administration are invaluable to such practitioners because they provide information on current practices as well as future trends. There are administrators at every level of education, from K-12 principles to c

Extracurricular Activities: What Are They All About?

Student life in colleges and universities is usually diverse and interesting, but what is it about? Studies are a mandatory part of education and serve the initial aim of forming the strong intellectual and professional ...

Election Activities for the Classroom

Every two or four years, teachers have an opportunity to plan a lesson around election day. Whether the election is a midterm gubernatorial election or a presidential election, there are many activities that can be incorporated into the classroom. These activities allow students to begin thinking ab

Hotel Management Institute in Delhi

There are a number of different kinds of managers in hotel and lodging management. General managers are what most people think of first.