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How to Make an Angel Ornament Using a Rose for the Dress

One of the most beloved aspects of the Christmas story is the multitudes of angels. These radiant heavenly creatures play various roles, from messenger to heavenly choir, but are most known for their frequent tidings of "Do not be afraid." Even today -- though their presence is felt more than seen -

Be a Part of the Holiday Season

During the Holiday Season we can step aside and let go a bit from our daily grind.Everything will be there when we get back from Thanksgiving feasting and Happy Holiday Greetings and parties.

How to Make Homemade Umbrella Lighting

Umbrella lighting is used by professional photographers to soften and diffuse the bright light needed for the best portrait photography. You can get similar results at home even if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford expensive photography equipment. Once you get started using umbrella lighti

Managing With In-Laws During the Holidays

Though the holidays are the season for good will, strained relationships with your in-laws have no magical cure simply because it's a "magical time of year." Differences of opinions remain even when cheer and merriment is supposed to prevail. Whether the conflicts are petty or materia

How to Make a Simple Electrical Firework Detonator

A simple electrical firework detonator can be used to light one firework or hundreds; it's just a matter of how many fireworks you connect to each switch. Using electrical wire, the current provided by the battery ignites any fireworks attached to that line, causing them to all light at the same tim

WALL-E Birthday Party Ideas

Disney's "WALL-E" was a hit movie with fans of all ages. If you have a WALL-E fan in your household, plan the perfect robot-themed birthday party for him. These celebrations can be a hit with all kids if you incorporate some creative ideas for decorations, food and fun.

How to Find the Right African-American Personalized Santa Letter Online

Sending letters from an African-American Santa Claus to children are a hot item during the Christmas holidays.If you search Google for "Santa letters", you will find over 100,000 sites.With so many sites, it can be confusing finding the right website to buy this special gift.

DIY Batman Costume

Batman is a fictional character created by Bob Kane and the writer Bill Finger. According to an article by the Independent, the character first appeared in Detective Comics in 1938. The subject of a number of recent big-budget Hollywood films, Batman has remained immensely popular. Batman's trademar

How to Plan a Mickey Mouse Party

Mickey Mouse has been a favorite cartoon amongst children and adults alike for several generations. While you can easily purchase licensed Mickey Mouse party supplies online or from local hobby stores, decorating for a Mickey Mouse party in a more subtle way can be both simple and easy by using the

How to Get Costumes in "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows"

You play Spider-Man, the web-slinging super hero who dons his classic red and blue attire in "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows" for the Nintendo Wii. However, this Marvel hero can wear several other costumes in the game. You can unlock six additional outfits for Spider-Man by reaching specific goals duri

Fun Valentine's Gifts for Boyfriends

Buying a Valentine's gift for a boyfriend is an opportunity to buy something fun and that he'll enjoy and use. Steer clear of generic Valentine's presents like chocolates and cards, unless you personalize it with a long note. To give him something fun, think about what he enjoys, like his hobbies an

How to Buy a Baby Shower Gift

Baby shower gifts can be simple or elegant, traditional or creative and personal. Select with creativity and care - the possibilities are endless.

2011 Bye - Massive and Sensational New Year Party

There are many wonderful ideas about the party in 2012, you should plan about the year so that you can enjoy the every event of the New Year in special ways. You should organize the party in surprisin

Birthday Ideas for a Dad Turning 75

Sometimes gifts for older people can be generic and lack personality. When your father is celebrating his 75th birthday, choose a gift that is fitting of the milestone. Select something that reflects his personality and might even make him feel young again.

1920s Party Items

Hosting or attending a 1920s-themed party can be a lot of fun. From stylish "flapper" gear to Prohibition-era drinks, there are a number of items that can make your 1920s-themed party more special for your guests and better reflect the "Roaring Twenties" era.

How to Make a Faux Row Boat

Go under the sea to play with the fish. When you look up, you can see a boat drifting by. Hang a simple faux paper rowboat in a blue sea with fish floating around. Your guests will enjoy this change in perspective. Make the boat from brown bulletin board paper. The lightweight paper boat can be hung

How to Make a Bagel Christmas Ornament

Do you know somebody who just loves bagels? Here's a Christmas ornament that's simple to make and guaranteed to get a smile from even the meanest Scrooge.

Gifts for Couples Under $100

Celebrate the couples in your life as pairs instead of presenting them with solo gifts. While you likely will want to spend more money on a gift you buy for two, you don't have to break the bank. There are many things that you can buy for parents, friends, in-laws and other couples without investin