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The First Woman to Win the Economic Nobel Prize

Ever since the Nobel Prize for economics was introduced in 1968, no woman has yet to win except for this year, 2009. A woman name Elinor Ostrom became the very first woman to win an economic Nobel Prize. In a new era of the Nobel Prize, Barack Obama became the first black president to receive the No

Can I Get My Girlfriend Back? I Desperately Need Help

How can I get my girlfriend back? You want to know what works in the shortest time frame possible. You don't want to make a lot of mistakes along the way. Repairing a relationship is much like traveling to an unknown place. There are ultimately many ways to get to the same destination, but some

The Real Argument Against Gay Marriage

In this piece, a vehemently homophobic narrator details why the institution of gay marriage should remain illegal. Using satire and sarcasm, the arguments against legalized gay marriage are examined f

Don't Buy Gold!

I know, the world is coming to an end. President Obama is single-handedly attempting to destroy the US economy and gold is where the smart money is going... but catch your breath. You need to take care of some more important things first! I might be wrong, but I have to wonder why all of those folks

Green Home Construction in Punta Gorda

The evolution of home building can be seen throughout history very clearly. Once upon a time, homes started out modest, with only a few varieties in style. In the 1950's, cookie cutter homes

The "Three" Natures of Work

The always-on-the-move tendency of the world just means that everyone needs to sacrifice most of their natural needs (eating luxury, entertainment indulgence, sex paradise and other prevailing ignorance) in order to achieve just one aspiration: "the destiny of the work."

Torture And Violence In Pakistan

Community stalkers are openly using hidden energy weapons including pain ray, mind control, idea implant and bad dreams in Tajpura Lahore, Pakistan. It is third degree torture on innocent family. It is extreme violation of human rights, civil liberties, country and international laws. I request auth

Solar Power As a Renewable Source of Energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and can be used in various ways. There are three different ways in which solar power can be converted to different forms of energy. Converting the sun's rays into a usable energy source is called electricity. This is can be accomplished by the use of

The Republicans Should Be the Last to Point Fingers

This article discusses the state of the U.S. economy and attempts to provide a degree of clarity on the issues that have caused the problem. The housing crisis is clearly the root of this economic meltdown.

Shark Attack

Information on sharks attacks and tips on what you should do if you encounter a shark or to avoid a shark becoming interested in you.

Global Warming - Science Or Hoax?

The issue of whether global warming is based on sound science or indeed is a hoax may come down to the fact that the theory is a little bit of both. Some people would say that although human activity does have a somewhat deleterious impact on the environment, people may also say that the dire circum

Tips To Choose The Best Home Care Service

Your loved ones who once cared for you, now needs your care, but it’s quite tough for you to balance both your profession and loved ones together.

Preventing Powdery Mildew In Grapevines

You should begin sulfur spraying grapevines for powdery mildew prevention soon after bud break and continue on a regular routine of about every ten days. You may find it easier to keep track is you sp

Popular Myths and Misconceptions about Nigeria

More than corruption the biggest bane in Nigeria is incompetence; people cannot give what they don't have and it is incompetence that breeds and fosters corruption.

Who is the ‘Greater Fool’ Now?

Many Americans, and indeed many people the world over, have lived in a Ponzi bubble economy for more than a decade. They have applied the Greater Fool Theory in the false belief that they would always

Is the Internet Good or Bad?

Nowadays young generation doesn't read books, journals, magazines and newspapers. And really why should they if they have excellent possibilities to find everything necessary on-line. Except