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Guide to Select the Right Investment

An investor should choose an investment based on his needs and goals. Avacade reviews indicate that investors should consider portfolio diversification when selecting an investment.

How Does the Stock Market Crash?

With the very recent stock market crash of 2008, there's hardly anybody who's oblivious to the impact such a phenomenon causes on the global economy. Almost everywhere you go, you get to hear about the irreparable damage that has been caused on an international as well as on private levels

Penny Stock Investments - Bringing Fun and Adventure Back to Investing

If you are looking for the best stock investments for the upcoming year that will not only get you the kind of return that you want but the safety of the investment that you need the by far most experts will agree that the best stock investments might be penny stocks. Of course this is pure speculat

How Does a Stock Bonus Plan Work?

Employers come up with a variety of ways to offer their employees benefits. These benefits are additions to wages that make the job more attractive. Many benefits are insurance options, or some type of retirement fund that allows employees to grow money as they work toward retirement. Stock bonus pl

Online Stock Trading - The Complete Idea

Online stock trading is a new, improved and fast way of trading stocks. Starting stage of trading the stocks in floor has changed. They have found a new strategy of using internet for trading.

Allstate Insurance Q4 Earnings Analysis

Allstate Corporation (ALL) announced their fourth quarter net income for 2009 at $518 million, or about 96 cents a share. That is a big improvement from the fourth quarter of 2008 where Allstate had a ...

Simple Ways of Understanding Stocks & Bonds

Stocks and bonds represent equity and debt of a company.Stock Market image by Paul Heasman from Fotolia.comStocks and bonds provide financing tools for public and private companies. A public company offers its stocks and bonds to the public through a stock or bond offering. The offerings...

How to Invest in New Energy Sources

If you feel that new sources of energy will eventually replace oil and gas, you can invest part of your portfolio in green energy stocks and funds. If you are right and alternative energy sources perform well, you can make a great deal of money while betting on the environment. As an investor, you h

What Are the Types of Stocks & Shares?

The main two types of stocks and shares that exist are common stocks and preferred stocks. Both types of shares represent a portion of ownership of the company that issued the stock. There are some major differences that exist between common and preferred stock. This makes it extremely important to

Pulling Off a Successful Fund-Raiser

People who have done some fund-raising in the past know how difficult it is to get individuals and entities to donate for a worthy cause. In recent years, more organizations have realized the potential of using promotional products in their campaigns.

Retirement Hints

Saving for retirement can be a daunting task, but often, the hardest part is just getting started. If you can overcome the fear and procrastination that often accompanies retirement planning, you can start building the nest egg you will need when you stop working. Unless you want to work until the d

Make Money Work for You (Investing in Stocks Online)

Saving to invest is one of the biggest steps a person can take towards attaining their financial freedom in life. If you start consistently saving money every pay period, even if its a small amount, you will eventually accumulate enough money to start investing. It is also best to learn as much as y

Ask and Bid Price of a Stock

Learning to read the ask and bid price of a stock is one of the most basic, yet an essential, part of stock trading. If you can not understand the ask and bid price of a stock, you will not be able to trade. The Bid price is the price that a buyer is willing to buy shares at. The Ask price is the pr

Get The Facts Prior To Investing In Penny Shares

Newbies tend to be confused by the words penny shares and penny stocks. Do not let both of these phrases baffle you when commencing your buying vocation, as they have a similar meaning. Consequently, you ...

The Average Cost of Life Insurance

The average cost of life insurance varies depending on many factors, including the type of policy and the coverage that was selected. The two basic types of life insurance polices are term life and whole life. The cost of these polices will vary because a whole life insurance policy has a savings be

How to Interpret an Expense Ratio Statement

An expense ratio is an expense expressed as a percentage of a company’s net sales, which equals sales minus the money a company loses for sales returns and discounts. An income statement that shows a company’s expense ratios for each of its expenses and total expenses is called a common-