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How to Add Refrigerant to a 2000 Suburban

During normal use the air conditioning system in your 2000 Suburban may lose small amounts of refrigerant through the seals and hose ends. This is a normal occurrence and you may need to add refrigerant to restore lost system performance. The air conditioning system in your Suburban contains R-134A

Techniques to Monitor Tire Pressure

According to most of the mechanical engineers and trained mechanics, tire is considered to be the most critical part of the car. They monitor the driving of the car and are one of the most important factors as far as smooth driving is concerned. You need different types of tires if you are driving o

Replacing Fuel Filter on 1995 Mercury Mystique

The fuel system on the 1995 Mercury Mystique comes with an in-line canister fuel filter. The fuel filter is designed to catch impurities from the gas before they reach the engine. The canister fuel filter has an inner filter that is made up of elongated fibers. These fibers are designed to trap the

Ford Focus Gas Tank Removal

Often times, the smaller the car is, the more difficult maintenance can be. This holds true for the Ford Focus and its fuel tank. If you must remove the tank from the car for any reason, it takes a little more effort to disconnect all its connections (including those to the exhaust system) than it d

How to Replace the Starter on a 1990 GMC S-15

When the starter on your GMC S-15 goes bad, the truck won't start. The starter receives power from the battery and turns the flywheel. The flywheel engages the crankshaft, and this is what starts the truck. Replacement of the starter should take only half an hour, as access under the truck to the st

How to Dissassemble Starter Motors

Disassembling a starter motor is not a difficult job, but it must be done carefully so you do not lose any of the small parts. The starter motor is held together with long screws that you can remove from the end of the motor with a screwdriver. It is a good idea to make a note of how each part is re

Symptoms of a Bad Starter Motor

A car starter motor supplies the physical force necessary to start a car's engine. It performs a vital automotive function by engaging and spinning a car's engine flywheel. This function becomes all too apparent when a starter motor fails.

What Is Needed to Install 22" Rims?

Larger diameter wheels can make a huge difference when it comes to a vehicle's appearance. Larger wheels allow you to install lower profile tires, which not only make the car look better but can increase its handling and responsiveness. The 22-inch wheels are definitely on the larger end of the whee

How to Find a Paint Number on a Car

The paint number is a code identifying the paint color originally painted on the body of an auto at the factory. If the car needs a new coat of paint, either for touch-ups or to finish off collision repair, the exact color can be ordered by using this code. The paint number decal can be found in one

How to Use a Universal Coolant Recovery Tank

As an auto engine heats up, it causes the engine coolant to expand and push out of the radiator, via the coolant expansion port. A coolant recovery tank, also known as a coolant expansion reservoir, is designed to catch the coolant as it expands, and then, as the system cools, return it to the radia

How to Adjust Brakes on a Car

You can only adjust drum brakes on a car. Disc brakes have no adjustment. With that in mind, rear drum brakes only take on 20 percent of the braking responsibility of vehicles and if they become unadjusted (through normal wear and tear and neglect), the front disc brakes will need to over-compensate

Car Accessories - Everything You Desired

It is just one of those usual days when you roll out your car on your way to office and en route your destination, you happen to come across a car that simply outshines yours by a great margin. Sitting behind the wheels, all you can do is wonder about the missing link for sometime, until reality hit