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Tudor and Jacobean Interior Design Ideas and Styles

Because of its reliance upon architectural features and spaces, the Tudor and Jacobean interior design style may not seem an obvious one to interpret in any place other than a building of the period. However, to dismiss it so lightly could be a mistake. Be prepared to be charmed by the elegance of i

Blue and Green Living Room Paint Ideas

Blue and green evoke the ocean and wall image by IKO from Fotolia.comGreen and blue are versatile colors for living room wall paint. From the light, pastel hues to their deep and jewel-toned counterparts, blue and green can be used together in a living room to create a...

How to Decorate a Luxurious Bedroom

Through careful decorating, you can transform your blank-canvas bedroom space into a luxurious den of rest. Dedicating yourself to selecting and adopting a luxurious decorating scheme for your bedroom is a simple way to give this room more aesthetic appeal. As you rest and relax in your newly decora

How to Make Cool Gadgets for Your Room

How to Make Cool Gadgets for Your Room. Most young people have rooms filled with cool electronic gadgets, including TVs, stereo equipment, Play Stations and Game Boys. Here are two more cool gadgets for your room that anyone can make by following these steps.

Back Tab Curtain Directions

Curtains not only add warmth and color to a room, they also offer privacy and make the room feel finished. Styles of curtains exist for almost every taste, from Roman shades to traditional tab-top curtains. Tab tops have loop tabs at the tops of the curtains for the curtain rod. The tabs offer a cas

The Process for Removing Wallpaper & Painting

Removing wallpaper can be a dreaded process, but it's often easier than you expect, because many wallpapers installed in the last two decades are designed to be easily stripped before painting. One step many people neglect is removing all the glue from the walls after stripping the wallpaper. Simply

Good Interior Designs for Inclined Ceilings

Decorating rooms with sloped ceilings can be challenging. The small space where the ceiling meets the wall can be used for a variety of effects if you do some careful planning ahead of time. No matter the type of room where a sloped ceiling is found, there is a creative solution to achieve the great

Great Ideas for LEED Bathrooms

A bathroom can be one of the most resource-intensive rooms in the house. Water usage and energy consumption are generally high in the bathroom, and it can be a great place to reduce environmental impact. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification (and...